Dr. Mercola’s Interview with Robert Whitaker on Mental Health

Mad With Medication

Mental disorders are not diseases

By David A. Hancock

“A neurotic builds a castle in the sky. A psychotic lives in it. A psychiatrist charges them both rent.” Jerome Lawrence, playwright

“A person who pretends to practice medicine without a license is a quack. A person who pretends to practice medicine with a license is a psychiatrist.” Thomas Szasz, MD

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Beyond Blue – Beyond the Pale

That ECT is still practiced in Australia is a scandal.  That it can be administered to someone without their consent is a gross abuse of human rights.

According to the same article, ‘Beyond Blue’ condones the use of ECT.  If true, that says all that you need to know about whose interests that organization is serving.

President Trump vs Big Pharma

President Trump’s order to sue Big Pharma for its role in the opioid epidemic could potentially have spin-off effects in the area of antidepressants.  If pharmaceutical companies begin to be sued in earnest for inappropriate prescriptions, then they will stop knowingly getting their psychiatric and GP accomplices to carelessly prescribe antidepressants.  Antidepressants kill 40,000 people a year.

Trump is also pushing for a major decrease in drug prices.  That also is cause for some optimism as it will reduce the amount that Big Pharma lobbyists can spend ‘influencing’ the votes of members of Congress.

So far, the ‘get Big Pharma’ story has been all talk, but word is that it is about to start in the real world.  And, importantly, that it has bipartisan support.

For the first time in the many years that I have been blogging here, I am cautiously optimistic that things are going to begin to move in a better direction.

I like this President more and more as time goes on.  He is willing to tread on toes that others not afford to.  He is also, quite obviously, a long way from the bigoted racist that the hysterical media are trying to portray him as.

If Trump is successful, Big Pharma’s massive influence (paid ads) over the mainstream media will also be curtailed.

Exciting times – maybe.

A Box of Frogs

With regard to the previous post…

“She was a box of frogs, absolutely nuts.” (here)

Claire Wilkinson – Zholia Alemi’s secretary

No wonder that she was able to successfully pass herself off as a psychiatrist.

Zholia Alemi – Poster Child for Psychiatry

Zholia Alemi – Poster Child for Psychiatry

The idea of a fake engineer holding down a job without someone spotting that they hadn’t got a clue what they were talking about are non-existent.  Bridges would fall down.  Competence can be objectively judged.

It’s different for psychiatry.  Anyone can psycho-babble and pretend to be helping people by counseling them.

When bridges fall down we know that the engineer stuffed up.  When lives fall down, we should know that the psychiatrist stuffed up.

Or, maybe, we should know that psychiatry is a fake science and that they have never helped anyone, except themselves.