Psychiatrist ‘Bizarre’

Psych in Handcuffs

Psychiatrist case ‘totally bizarre’

By Steve Butcher
February 6, 2007

An eminent Melbourne psychiatrist arrested and charged last week with carrying a loaded handgun into Victoria’s busiest court has been refused bail.In a case he described as “totally bizarre”, Magistrate Peter Reardon today found Jerry Gelb, 49, of Armadale, posed an unacceptable risk of committing further offences after police expressed fears for the safety of the public.

Mr Reardon said Dr Gelb’s explanations for having the .22 handgun at Melbourne Magistrates Court were implausible.Dr Gelb, who was arrested on Thursday with his wife Kerry Gelb and their bodyguard David Schmack, said the gun was to be an exhibit in a court application against his ex-wife, who he claimed had taken out a contract on his life.

Sharon Guy, Dr Gelb’s former wife, has denied the allegation.The court heard during his contested bail application this week that Dr Gelb also told police he carried the weapon for personal protection.The court yesterday heard that Dr Gelb had fortified his Armadale home with security cameras and weapons after he and his wife had been subjected to harassment, extortion attempts and threats by underworld figures.

In refusing bail, Mr Reardon compared Dr Gelb’s case to the daytime television soap operas The Bold and The Beautiful and Days of Our Lives.He said in Melbourne Magistrates Court he had serious reservations that Dr Gelb would comply with bail conditions if released.Dr Gelb, who shook his head and looked perplexed, was remanded to appear again in April.His wife and Schmack were granted bail by Mr Reardon last

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