Another Evil Psych Bites the Dust


24/03/2007 – 9:39:52 AM

US paedophile sting traps evil psychiatrist

A Saudi Arabian psychiatrist who travelled to the US in the hope of molesting a three-year-old girl has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Nabil Al Rowais, 37, from Riyadh, had arranged the trip during nine months of graphic email correspondence with a man he thought was the girl’s father, according to court records.

However, the “father” was an undercover agent posing as a fellow paedophile who was abusing his own daughter.

Al Rowais flew to San Francisco in April 2006 and took a limousine to a nearby hotel. He carried an overnight bag containing a video camera and girls’ underwear, US Attorney McGregor Scott said after yesterday’s sentencing.

“He went to room 328 and he knocked on the door, fully expecting to encounter a father and his two and a half-year-old – now three-year-old – daughter,” Scott said.

Instead, the man was arrested. The girl does not exist.

His emails indicated that Al Rowais had previously molested two and 10-year-old girls in Saudi Arabia, Scott said. The man’s conduct, Scott said, “absolutely shocks the conscience”.

Al Rowais pleaded guilty in January to travelling to the US intending to have sex with a minor.

His plea agreement called for him to serve nine years in prison, but US District Court Judge Lawrence Karlton imposed the seven-year sentence.

According to prosecutors, Karlton’s rationale was that Al Rowais could be in danger in prison because of the nature of the crime, his Middle Eastern ethnicity and his slight physical stature.

When asked about the lighter sentence, Scott said only that it was the judge’s discretion.

Al Rowais is likely to be deported after completing his prison sentence, Scott said.

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