Psychiatrist Shamed on N.Z. Television

Julie Simmonds was given forced electro-shock ‘treatment’ by Psychiatrist Stephanie du Fresne despite her express wishes to the contrary. This violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights took place at the Ashburn Clinic in Dunedin, New Zealand.

She survived to tell her story on New Zealand’s TV3. The offending psychiatrist had the cheek to protest claiming that it was the television station who was violating Julie Simmond’s Human Rights.

TV3 told him where to go. Well done to you TV3. Is the mainstream media finally waking up to the horrors of psychiatry? Well yes it is by my reckoning. I am seeing more and more coverage of psychiatric crimes. The voices of some of the victims and their families are at last being heard. The meticulous documentation of Citizens Commission on Human Rights and its support of the victims of psychiatry is paying dividends all over the world.

I am still mindful that the dramatically increased media exposure started way back there with a very courageous man named Tom Cruise stating on prime time television what millions of people around the world new to be true but which no one had ever stated to the world at large before. It took someone of Cruise’s stature to make it a major news item. It was a pivotal point and will come to be seen as such.

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