Breaking News…FDA Doing Something!

NeoPharm Inc. has become one of the first pharmaceutical companies to feel the effects of the FDA’s recent decision to attempt to look like it is doing its job. NeoPharm have been asked to conduct further trials of their new wonder drug after the original trial showed ‘mixed results’.

A stunned executive said: “The company will consider its options to determine the best path forward and will communicate its plans when they are completed and approved by the board of directors.”

What is the world coming to? Just because a drug doesn’t work and has horrendous side-effects you can’t pay people to allow you to sell it anymore?

Who is next on the FDA’s slap list (‘hit’ still seems too strong a word)? You can be sure that NeoPharm to their credit were obviously not one of the FDA’s big paymasters. First the minnows will be ‘done’ as part of a new ‘image awareness’ that the FDA needs to be seen to be doing something.. Eventually the FDA will have to target the real villains like GlaxoKlineSmilth and Eli Lilly. They are the source of the ‘conflict of interest’ of which the FDA has been the recipient however so will be given time to try to reduce their losses. Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.

What will psychiatrists do when their major suppliers are no longer able to supply?

NeoPharm’s stock plunged 18% today (Thursday 29th March)

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