Paedophiliac Insists That He is Innocent of Charges That he Practised Psychiatry

Dr. William Ayres was a respected member of the community. Known far and wide as a diligent child molester and paedophiliac he worked tirelessly in the community and received lifetime awards for his valuable contributions.

Now the community has been devastated by news that he has been exposed as a psychiatrist. Stunned neighbours said that they could hardly believe it when the news broke.

According to unconfirmed reports police are looking into the claim that Ayres was once the president of the American National Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Ayres has vehemently denied that he ever knew anything about the mind and claims that he is innocent of all charges. “I know nothing” he is reported to have said. “I joined the APA believing that it was the American Paedophiliac Association, I never at any stage realized that some of its members were also practicing psychiatry.”
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