GlaxoSmithKline’s Seroxat Scam

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Around the time of 1998, when GSK were pushing Seroxat for other “disorders” in their bid to steal the crown of Prozac , there was some other interesting stuff going on …
Mostly concerning a pediatric (child ) study , ‘the infamous Study 329′ ..
Up until 1998 , Seroxat was not licenced for use in children (under 18’s ) , although it was at a doctors discretion and it could be prescribed “off lable” to this age group…( and it often was)
But Glaxo desperately wanted to prove that Seroxat worked in this age group (Efficacy) , if they could get a licence to treat childhood disorders with Seroxat , it would increase sales. Their profits were already massive from Seroxat ,( over a billion by 1998 ) but GSK wanted to dominate the market and they stopped at nothing in their pursuit to make Seroxat/Paxil the number one psychotropic drug worldwide.
The only problem was , they were finding it difficult to prove that Seroxat worked for kids, in fact their studies were proving placebos ( sugar pills) to be more effective than Seroxat in under-18’s …
And most disturbing of all, there were indications from Glaxo’s own trials that Seroxat increased the risk of suicide and hostility in Under 18’s, but GSK carried on regardless…
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