Michael Moore’s new movie ‘Sicko’ will be coming to a cinema near you soon. Hopefully it will be worth watching. I know nothing about the movie except that it supposedly rakes bare the bones of the US medical establishment.

If that is truly the direction that the movie takes then it should not take long to arrive at the doorstep of Big Pharma. I have my fingers crossed that we just may finally have a movie that is released and promoted to the mainstream that exposes not only the rotten apple in the medical barrel that is psychiatry, but also the slimy maggots of the pharmaceutical industry who are living off the rotten apple.

Maybe Michel Moore can push past the corruption and complacency of the politicians, and the apathy and cynicism of so many of the mainstream media and raise awareness to the point where common decency and justice finally triumphs over the Axis of Evil composed of Psychiatry, Big Pharma and the Federal Drug Agency.

Am I too optimistic? Possibly, but one day it will happen and the truth will be brought to the light of day. None of us know when that will be, but we do know that when it happens it will be very fast. The dike has been penetrated and an awful lot of fingers have had to be poked in it over the last few years to stop the truth flooding out. The next major exposure of Big Pharma and Psychiatric practise will probably blow the whole dam.

In the spirit of cooperation I have been offering psychiatry and Big Pharma my finger for quite a while.

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