Psychiatry – Hindering Not Helping

A recent study done by the University of Illinois in Chicago has shown that psychiatry’s obsession with drugging their schizophrenic patients is hindering their chances of recovery rather than helping them.

The study followed the outcomes of 145 patients with DSM – 111 psychiatric diagnoses. It included 64 with schizophrenia and 81 with other than schizophrenia. The study was based on 15 years of observation and testing of the group.

Over the 15 year period 40% of the schizophrenia patients who were not given drugs had periods of recovery and better functioning compared to only 5% of the patients who were prescribed psychiatric drugs.

Couple that with the harmful effects of these toxic cocktails and you have to question the morality of the people who are manufacturing and prescribing them…. not to mention the motives of the regulatory bodies who allow it to happen.

The study was funded by the US Public Health Service and the National Institute of Mental Health.

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