Psychiatric Low Life

A quick round up of the news today:

Ayman Al-Zawahiri is the mastermind and number two man in the Al-Qaeda movement. He is also a psychiatrist. Dr Radovan Karadzic the genocidal leader of the Serbs was also a psychiatrist. Lots more, but you get the point.

Psychiatrist Lynn Hutchinson from County Kilkenny in Ireland has been charged with murdering her 16 year old daughter Ciara in November last year. To commit such an act she would have had to have been taking some of her own psych drugs.

An analysis at Western State Hospital by Alex Otto found that increased psychotropic drug prescribing trends were a possible factor contributing to increased violence by psychiatric patients. Concerned about the influence of Big Pharma reps on prescribing patterns, the hospital in March banned all drug company representatives from visiting the campus to meet with doctors. Seems like it was the psychotropic drugs that were causing the increased violence. Well golly, who would have thought it?

Zheng Xiaoyu was the head of the Chinese Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Yesterday he was sentenced to be shot by a firing squad for corruption. Were it not for the despicable treatment of the Falun Gong I would regard that as a hopeful sign for the future of China. A firing squad would be too good for the head of the US FDA.

The latest study on Zoloft which appears in the May 2007 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry shows that Zoloft is less effective than a placebo. Oddly enough the study was only released once the patent on Zoloft had expired and billions had been made in profit. Sick and disgusting, but then I am a bit tired at the moment.

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