Fixated Threat Assessment Centre

The UK government has established a secretive new police unit a la George Orwell with the powers to detain anyone for any length of time without any due process.

The shadowy unit called the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) was covertly established in 2006. The unit includes the services of police psychiatrists. Why? For one very good reason, and one reason only: psychiatrists operate above the law. They can detain ANYONE AT ANY TIME AND FOR NO MORE REASON THAN THEIR STATED OPINION THAT THE PERSON MAY BE A DANGER TO THEMSELVES OR TO OTHERS.

Once forcibly detained by a psychiatrist a person can be legally locked away forever and subjected to despicable ‘treatments’ such as psychotropic drug regimes, lobotomies and electric shocking of the brain. They are not entitled to a trial of any sort, they need face no criminal charges.

A person incarcerated by a psychiatrist has no rights whatsoever. Even Stalin had to produce his prisoners in court eventually. The miserable occupants of Guantanamo retain the certainty that one day they will face justice, or at least that they will have their day in court; the occupants of psychiatric prisons have no such comfort.

It is a thin line that separates a rule of law democracy from a totalitarian dictatorship. The FTAC crosses that line. For many years our individual freedoms have been incrementally cut away. The FTAC rips the flesh off freedom and lays bare the bones of repression for all decent and honest people to see. The FTAC represents nothing less that the repeal of Habeas Corpus with its right of trial and its protection from arbitrary state detention.

A Writ of Habeas Corpus orders that a prisoner is to be brought before a court so that the court can then determine whether that person is serving a lawful sentence or should be released from custody. The prisoner, or someone acting on behalf of the prisoner if he/she is being held incommunicado can petition the court or an individual judge for a Writ of Habeas Corpus.

The justification for the extreme powers of FRAC is of course terrorism. Experience shows that the powers of the FTAC will be quickly exercised in a far wider sphere than even the most skeptical imagine. Once a law is enacted the very fact of its existence gives it respectability and thus acceptability.

For years society casually turned a blind eye to the total lack of Human Rights for anyone labeled ‘mentally ill’, never dreaming that the definition might one day be widened sufficiently to cover not only themselves, but everyone who may for any reason be deemed a threat by those in authority.

In the twenty-first century mental illness is presumed to be the normal circumstance and sanity deemed to exist only after ‘treatment’ by a psychiatrist.

We live in a nightmare world that is starting to exceed the imaginings of even George Orwell.

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  1. Whilst I welcome the FTAC for obvious reasons I do have some reservations.
    please see!.html

    for a balanced account of a case that whilst sufficiently benign not to attract the FTAC has elements of justification about it…maybe.

    Tim Baber


    • Tim… you welcome the FTAC? You must be completely mad… you should be detained by the FTAC held in a cell for your own safety, without trial, or an opportunity to prove your sanity… that should cure you of your support with this oppressive instrument.

      I continue to flabbergasted by people’s naivety.


  2. OK that link is corrupted, just click on
    click on latest news and click on the THIS IS ENGLAND story.

    My apologies.


  3. The link is playing up for coding reasons, try cutting then pasting this link into your browser, complete with the bit that gets missed off at the end, and you should get what you want. It is now in the archive section of the blog part of by the way!.html


  4. You could try this link instead:!.html

    Try this link, or cut and paste it into your browser.

    I know I am onto something, when I changed a booking at the desk of Condor Ferries a message flashed up, “Inform UK CID” !!
    The booking clerk who was under training asked her supervisor who had wandered off what it meant, exactly. I would love to know.


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  6. An excellent piece from Psychiatric News, but the paragraph near the end which says ‘deemed a threat by those in authority’ should have an addition:
    (or the PRETENCE that [imaginary] ‘doctors’ have said he is suffering from mental illness, & thus MIGHT be a threat!).
    If you want to know more, contact me. You can find my email address, postal address, telenumber etc. via my blog.
    Norman Scarth.


  7. […] pod pretekstem, że dana osoba może stanowić zagrożenie dla siebie samej lub innych: Fixated Threat Assessment Centre. Nieśmiertelny Wujaszek Stalin celował w usuwaniu w ten sposób dysydentów, kiedy nie był w […]


  8. Posted by mark fishwick on June 19, 2009 at 7:41 am

    FTAC was set up following an NHS research programme based at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, north London. Researchers examined thousands of cases of prominent people being stalked. It liaised with the FBI, the US Secret Service, the Capitol Hill Police, which protects Congressmen and Senators, and the Swedish and Norwegian secret services.


  9. Posted by Lon on August 3, 2009 at 3:36 am


    I’m now only 19 years old, but I just can’ t understand how people (and in this last over a dozen years – me) could permit to for that, what was and is going on in this “health care”, psyhiatry. Admittedly I’m not from Britain – I live in Poland, but it isn’t far today. And I’m shortly after passing a “quite” unusually period of time in my life, just thanks to these psyhiatrists. I’ve recently ended series of unwilling and enforced hospital treatments, which was exist since 2006 a.d. I even don’t know how many were they – I couldn’t exactly count them about when I realized that, there were more than ten of them. Most of documentation was losted in chaos… Of course I had to take incredible amout of this shit “medacine”. It’s certain that they were few dozen of them…
    And why was that? Msr. Doctor, who was chief on one of last wards, I was, has written, that “It’s not stated to find effects” of that “ill”, what I was suspect to have. What is that, healh conduct? I certainly know, that not. And to tell the truth, the first doctor, who has created nad given me this gift, shortly after that has left his hospital and I heard that, he emigrated to USA (beware Americans… 😉 ), so I thing this illnes isn’t only local trouble, like this text shows, but universal…
    And maybe to end this image, I should say, that in the one of the last of my visits, I’ve met someone, who was there also from such kid of irracional mean. He was some poet, and he didn’t like our goverment, and he’s writtien about it. And in his opinion bocouse of it, he couldn’t publish almost anything, what he’s written. In last year he had process about some claim, what his then wife’s made to get or promt – I don’t know exactly – divorse with him, already after the divorce. Cout has put him in an investigation arrest on half of year, and saying that he had too high ego, is too proud – or something like that – has put him in that “hospital” in which, I land up (in other way it’s smart idea, that putting “too proud” individuals, who wants too much in such kind of places and calm down. Are you “too weak” for any of your citizen – get him down in hospital, becouse he want of course TOO much, before he do too much and too much people hear him. HE OF COURSE CAN’T EXPECT FROM YOU MORE THAN YOU ARE GIVING TO HIM. It doesn’t sound like voice of some king or emperror?… Yes, we are the very familiar to people, who live in the Middle Age, and maybe sometimes even don’t know about it). I was talking with him about month abo and then he was still there – after one and half year after his arrival.
    And seemingly we obey the Human Rights, we live in as if democratic country… …but it is still in us, I thing or in some of us, who propably want to widen it… …or we or most of us are still very stupit.
    When words from Orwell’s “nineteen eighty-four”: “normality isn’t issue of statistic” (I don’t know if I retranslated it good from Polish) came to us? And where is there psychiatry? Yes? Where? Are you as brave to say that NOWHERE? And now talk to all of this people, who things diffrent – all of this psychiatrists and courts (read like way of goverment), who use them like exprts… or to all of this people, who are under their control, and argee to them… …to who is intimidated, bullied – I don’t know how to say that – in fear of set them with “ill persons” and let them to hospitals…
    In other way it’s curious if Orwell has thought then about psychiatry?
    Human world is really not getting happier place. It’s too early for me to say it’s getting worse, but for certain I don’t like many things in it…

    Sorry for any mistakes..


  10. “I welcome the FTAC for obvious reasons” says Tim Baber. Forgive me saying so Tim, but you are very naive. Why aren’t the psychopaths, mass murderers & War Criminals of the Blair Regime (& their successors) locked up behind bars?


  11. Posted by polly pagan on September 7, 2009 at 5:04 am

    this is very scary indeed!it won’t mean that anyone who needs good pschiatric care will get it but it will enable the government to detain anyone who they see as a threat to their increasingly unhealthy and lawless regime.the creep of the nwo!


  12. I friend of mine wrote critising Jackie Smith who ordered my fiend’s doctor to assess his mental state. Jackie Smith’s motivations was revenge. Her tactic was to use a soviet style tool of oppression (the threat of sectioning under phony mental health provisions) and confidential information as to who my friend’s doctor was.
    The Fixated Threat Assessment Unit is there to oppress dissenters… nothing more and nothing less – believe it.
    And if you care to count the number of self-confessed Marxist in New Labour you will get some indication as to where they get their training from.


  13. The most complex method of assessment that allows us to analyze the specific and general skills and determination of potential participants.


  14. Posted by nick on September 24, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    heres a doco with more info about these govt controls

    they all make me very angry

    its the June 2009 film


  15. Posted by Mat on November 12, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    With all due respect, if you have a background in psychiatry then you are either extremely gullible or else peddling deceit by deviously giving appearance of sincerity and concern.

    FTAC does not and cannot lawfully exist as a legitimate Government body, not least, because the way in which it is deemed to operate places it in constant breach of the Data Protection Act 1978 and of the Human Rights Act 1998 – freedom of expression and protection from persecution. Further, the police powers (section 136 of the Mental Health Act) which FTAC is alleged to use only apply to persons appearing to be experiencing a manifestation of a mental disorder whilst they are in a public place – section 136 is in fact little more than a law which allows people, who appearing to suffer from a mental disability and experience a mental breakdown in a public place, to be arrested without having to be charged with the criminal offence of breach of the peace.

    But then, if you are in anyway connected to psychiatry you would be familiar with the Mental Health Act and would know all the above – which brings us back to my original statement about gullibility or deceit.


  16. ‘Mat’, at least do a little bit of background work before attempting to contribute to the discussion.


  17. ‘A Place of Safety’???? Like Andy McCardle????


  18. Posted by sanny robinson on July 30, 2012 at 3:29 am

    i have FTAC wanting to know about me i dont go by my surname on facebook anymore i go by my family name sanny robinson as i dont trust them ive also got the guild in preston on my case and all because im trying to get the truth out about an ex police officer who framed me and sent me to prison for a crime i never committed and trust me as god is my witness i will get the truth out one way or another. the police get away with to much in this country its becoming a police state and i for one hate that. i will get the truth out one way but i feel that these days we truly r second class citizens in our own country.


  19. BECOMING a Police State? It has been so for many years now, but is getting worse daily!


  20. Posted by Chris Jeffries on August 17, 2012 at 12:35 am

    We have had FTAC in our lives since 2006 and it has been a truly horrible and intrusive experience – it’s not just every room in your home, it’s your vehicles, etc., it impacts itself and has done so in every part of my family’s life since then. My wife will not sleep with me because of the thought of being watched by strangers. All manner of mind games have been played to let us know they are watching or have watched – it’s creepy and disturbing. This article has been strangely prophetic in a way, not only do they do this in a psych hospital, this is done remotely, they are capable of more than you can imagine. This is not preventing harm and facilitating care – it’s their will of how you live your life in every possible way – they literally want to play God. We have asked for SAR’s F.O.I. requests etc., and have come up against an authority brick wall.
    IPT wouldn’t touch it as they said it was frivilious and vexatious. Well, for example, our home was entered in 2006 whilst we sleeping in bed, and our gas fire in the living room turned on full whilst we were sleeping, if my wife hadn’t timeously reminded me NOT to swicth the light on this message would not be here. Would the writer of this article contact me if you want the full timeline or any other details.
    I thought MI5 dealt with terrorist threats anyway ? So why do we have two orgs. ?


  21. Posted by Clive Dickson on December 6, 2012 at 1:59 am

    ftac also hack into medical records fraudulently in violation of article 8 of Human Rights Act as well as the NMC code of conduct.


  22. Posted by Muriel on April 17, 2013 at 9:22 am

    Sanny, please let me know ur ok!!!!!!!!!


  23. […] Fixated Threat Assessment Centre […]


  24. As someone who has been sectioned numerous times I have to disagree with you. People detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 do have rights and, in fact, the number of rights and access to advocacy has increased since I was first detained in 2006. I am actually writing a series of posts aiming to demystify the mental health act if you want to read another perspective:
    This centre is there to protect high profile people such as royalty and politicians but it is also there to protect those whose obsessions have reached a point where they are believed to be dangerous either to themselves or others. They are subject to the same criteria for being detained as any other person. There are no special detention laws for these people. They are entitled to free legal representation and an advocate just like everyone else.


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