Class Action Against Eli Lilly to Proceed

Judge Jack B. Weinstein of the Eastern district of N.Y. U.S. District Court has issued a decision allowing a class action lawsuit against Eli Lilly & Co to proceed.

He stated in an insightful statement that should prick up the ears of judiciary not only in the U.S. but across the world:
“Under the present organization of the pharmaceutical industry, the official federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the plaintiffs’ bar, the courts are arguably in the strongest position to effectively enforce appropriate standards protecting the public from fraudulent merchandising of drugs.”

It is a Call to Arms for the judiciary to get involved and to clean up the Mafioso style sickness that masquerades as the Health Industry in the Western World.

Big Pharma needs to be effectively reined in. They are out of control and the agencies tasked with overseeing them have manifestly failed.

Any organization that sees a profit motive in the desperate health circumstances of others needs a close AND HONEST regulatory eye kept on it. Judge Weinstein is correct, ultimately only the judiciary can do this job.

Big Pharma and its rotten practises will not be ‘offed’ by a sudden gigantic realisation and coming to their senses of society. They will die the death of a million legal cuts that will gradually bleed them into financial oblivion.

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