FDA Skulduggery

The FDA (fast drug approvals), the Washington branch office of Big Pharma Inc., is now in an all out push to put the vitamin and mineral industry out of business. No more vitamins, no more minerals, no more supplements, no more herbal remedies, just more Big Pharma’s drugs for more Big Pharma’s profits. For a good cover of the story go to:

Apart from the usual dodgy medical drugs we’ll have more psychiatric drugs damaging more of our children. Children often have no reason to suspect adults in authority and they also quite usually have no say in what is done to and with them.

It is an evil that they have been allowed to be caught up in the web of Big Pharma’s rapacious greed and subjected to psychotropic drugs which in many if not most cases will damage them for life.

In the world of the internet and search engines Big Pharma’s and psychiatry’s crimes are out there in the open for all to see. There can no longer be any cover up, just denial by the offenders, refusal to look at the area by the mainstream media (who are under the influence of the Big Pharma advertising revenue), and the silence of our paid off elected representatives.

It truly is amazing what you can buy in this world if you have enough money, and Big Pharma certainly have enough money.

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