FDA’s Betrayal of America

For more information on the FDA and its connections to Big Pharma, read “Fight for Your Health: Exposing the FDA’s Betrayal of America,” by Byron J. Richards.
Sample quotes:

“… the FDA is in a position to change the health and wellbeing of all Americans, but are set to steer that change in the wrong direction, “straight over a cliff.”

“The top two positions at the FDA are now headed by Big Pharma representatives,”

“The Bush-appointed new FDA leadership is intent on removing any brakes being applied to the drug approval process, quite happy to turn ill Americans into human guinea pigs.”

“To avoid consumer confusion the FDA should change its name to something more fitting, like the Fast Drug Approval organization,”

“The FDA agenda is favorable to Big Pharma and the sickness industry, it is harmful to the personal health and health options of Americans.”

“Any person taking the time to look past the glowing resume quickly finds out that he (Andrew von Eschenbach M.D., interim head of the FDA since October) is well connected to Big Pharma and his emphasis is on using drugs to manage disease; a highly profitable approach to health care for Big Pharma.”

“von Eschenbach is exactly the type of person the FDA should be keeping an eye on.”

“Rules and laws will be crafted to placate the angry public, apparently to prevent such dangers from ever happening again,” Richards said. “These rules will be twisted and avoided, for a small fee, by those they seek to regulate. And the politicians will look in the mirror, look in their wallets, and realize nothing has changed.”

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