Bush… An Elitist Bastard

The following are some quotes re ‘Teen Screen’ which is a Big Pharma scheme supported by the US government to market drugs in to the school system in an effort to ‘heal’ ridiculous diagnoses such as ‘Mathematics Disorder’, ‘Reading Disorder’ and ‘Disorder of Written Expression’.

President Bush will undoubtedly go down as the worst US president in history and that is not mere hyperbole. Homeland Security and acquiescing to Big Pharma’s plan to drug young kiddies marks Bush as an elitist bastard who is either a/ downright evil or, b/ not giving of a damn about those further down the pecking order than himself.

The psychs and their Big Pharma masters are laughing all the way to the bank.

“Teen Screen is a nefarious effort to recruit our children into the quagmire of biological psychiatry.”

“The program employs dubious screening tools administered by non-professionals. It is based on misleading science and diagnostic criteria that would be downright laughable if the stakes were not so high.”

Former government investigator,Allen Jones

“While the idea of screening kids for mental problems seems like a good idea, it ends up being nothing more than a Drugging Dragnet.”

“The high rate at which we are drugging America’s children with psychotropics is a national disgrace.”

Jim Gottstein, an attorney who represents clients harmed by the psychiatric industrial complex.

“This is junk science at it’s worst, follow the money, the trail leads right back to the drug companies.”
Dr Jan Johnson, MD.

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