A Sample of Psychiatric Crimes for This Week

A fairly typical wrap up for the week.
Paedophile psychiatrist William Ayres was finally hauled into court in California to face the music for destroying the lives of so many young people who were entrusted to his care.

From the Kansas City Star is the story headlined ‘Weird News’ which tells the story of Ajit Trikha who has pleaded guilty to defrauding Medicare and Medicaid of around $1.85 million. He invoiced for working more that 24 hours in a day on many occasions including one extremely tiring day which lasted 40 hours. Another day he treated 83 patients in under three hours. The only thing that is ‘Weird News’ about this is that the Kansas City Star thinks that this is unusual behaviour for the bunch of charlatan crooks known as psychiatrists.

In Kentucky psychiatrist Douglas Rank has closed his practise and fled town after coming under criminal investigation… again. Sexual malpractice and illegal prescribing of drugs is Rank’s track record. In 2001 Rank agreed to probationary terms asking him to abstain from sex with his patients. What sort of a medical discipline is it that licences a known sexual predator?

In Illinois psychiatrist Yong Soo Ha faces three years in prison for violating the Illinois Medical Practice Act.

And lastly some good news. A psychiatrist in Nebraska was beaten to death by one of his patients.

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