Eli Lilly and Zyprexa

From an national television interview with Rolf Adolfsson, professor of psychiatry at Umea University in Sweden. The subject is the Eli Lilly drug Zyprexa:

“’There is nothing worse than seeing a young person 17-18 years with a weight gain of 40-50 kg, and no one does anything! What is Swedish psychiatry doing?'”


“’I’ve seen so many complications, and I have met so many patients–that I completely choke. Are we so damned gullible, and it must be–there is only one thing–marketing.'”


When the reporter takes up the endocrine effects of the new neuroleptics, Professor Adolfsson says that they are extremely dangerous. He says:

‘You die prematurely, 10-15 years.’

And upon the surprised follow-up question from the reporter if he means that the pharmaceutical industry, with these new drugs, drives persons with schizophrenia to an early death, Dr. Adolfsson simply responds:


Adolfsson’s honesty highlights the disgraceful behavious of other psychiatrists who see with their own eyes the appaling side effects of the drugs they are pushing yet maintain a complicit silence.

I found the quotes from the interview on a Blog somewhere but cannot find it now so cannot credit it.

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