Meeting of The Big Picture Society Ireland

Local meeting on depression ends in three challenges to government.

Last Friday a meeting of the Big Picture Society in Tinahely, Co. Wicklow, resulted in two of the guest speakers not only throwing down the gauntlet to the government but encouraging the people of Ireland to rise up in anger against a large part of the medical profession The subject of this particular meeting was “Fighting suicide and healing depression” and was a follow-up to a previous meeting in January that had drawn people from the whole of the south east. This meeting also had visitors from as far away as Kilkenny and Wexford. Dr. Michael Corry, a consultant psychiatrist, and Kieron Swords, a member of CCHR (Citizen’s Commission for Human Rights), stated quite firmly that the psychiatric profession in Ireland, as currently operating, is a complete fraud, and a dangerous one.

The three specific challenges that were made to the government were as follows.

1. Accept that the pharmaceutical drugs that the doctors and psychiatrists currently almost automatically prescribe for anybody feeling down, don’t work. There no scientific basis for any of their diagnoses and prescriptions. ADD and ADHD, for instance, were only invented by a small group of them recently, sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies, and otherwise simply do not exist. Since when in history does bad behaviour get cured by drugs? The thought alone is laughable – except to a bureaucrat. According to another department of the government, lots of bad behaviour nowadays is caused by drugs. Absurd as the laws are, there is not a vast difference between the legal and illegal drugs.

2. Accept that ECT must be abolished. Electro convulsive therapy, which normally comes about only when the pill-pushing had failed to cure anybody (as it always does), is nothing less than a brutal assault on a near helpless patient and it is literally no more useful than a blow on the head with a baseball bat. It shocks people’s brain and nearly always destroys some part of their memory. The fact that it does that in nearly every case is why a very few studies, the ones that the profession always quotes, have shown faintly positive results. The victims of this “treatment” are just glad to be alive and don’t really remember anything else, sometimes not even why they were given ECT in the first place.

3. Accept that people need proper treatment from real people – love, compassion, understanding and genuine education – which is what society used to provide. Government, our current elected politicians, having more or less usurped society, must arrange to provide a similar level of care for our children growing up and for the older people who have already been destroyed by the current insanity of the society they have created.

No less than 6 trained people spoke at this meeting, every one of them in agreement with the fact that expressing feelings and talking were the way forward for people who appeared to be what is now known as depressed. Not drugs. We – the people of Ireland – must protest vigorously until the government treats mental health with some degree of competence.

Dr. Corry made the final challenge. “If this government will give me a small fraction of what they currently spend on physical illness, I will reduce the current appalling national rate of suicide by 50% in 18 months.

Yours faithfully,

The Big Picture Society.

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  1. Great News – Psychiartric Fraud exposed for the simplicity of what it is. Making millions from the manufacture of insanity and profit from dangerous drugs mostly funded by very ignorant governments. Don’t take my word for it – even a cursory inspection of the facts and stats are damning evidence to the total lack of any real science and the apalling failure – in fact worse than a failure, the great harm done by “treatments” of a brutal, experimental and known to be harmful kind. It would be great to see Ireland give the world a lead in giving these people the heave ho and getting some real care and help to those who so desparately need it (in preference to incarceration and drugging).


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