Drugs to Be Labelled ‘Do Not Use’ by the FDA!

I think that the general level of ineptness (let’s be kind) at the FDA is best summed up by the following quote from Dr. John Jenkins, Director of the FDA’s Office of New Drugs when talking about children’s cough mixtures. It should also be noted that billions of doses of these drugs have been sold over the decades. Now an advisory panel has told the FDA that they are utterly useless.

“… that won’t necessarily lead to a ban on the products. It might lead to labeling that says ‘do not use,'” Dr. John Jenkins

The quote is provided by Andrew Bridges, a writer for Associated Press in an article entitled ‘Kids Shouldn’t Use Cold Medicines’ published on Friday October 19, 10:48 pm ET at: http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/071019/cold_medicines.html

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