Massive Drugging of Foster Children Becoming a National Problem

New “Take America Back” Radio Show with Advocate for Children’s Rights, Charlie Whittman

A compelling new CCHR radio show with host JC McKinley and guest Charlie Whittman, Director of Advocates for Children and Families and board member of the American Family Rights Association, reveals the influence of psychiatrists and the pervasive use of psychiatric drugs in the foster care system. Whittman’s experience in California, following reports in Florida and Texas on the staggering number of children on powerful psychiatric drugs, shows that the massive drugging of foster children has become a national crisis. Former Texas State Comptroller (officer in charge of acounting) Carole Keeton Strayhorn stated, “the estimated annual [federal and state] cost of anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs for children in the foster system” is “conservatively $4 million.” Last year, more than 18,000 children in Florida were prescribed antipsychotics under Medicaid, state and federal funded health insurance for low income residents.

Whittman works with former foster children and helps them file federal civil rights cases when they have been mistreated, including when they have suffered serious side effects from the psychiatric drugs they were forced to take—a situation he says is typical. In the interview, he describes one boy who was so damaged from the psychiatric drugs he had been forced to take, that the county hospital said he would need a liver transplant and will probably die because of complications caused by the drugs.

Whittman further explains that subjective psychiatric evaluation is used to unjustifiably take children away from their parents. There are instances where parents have had their children taken away by Child Protective Services for refusing to give them psychiatric drugs. This problem is so bad at the beginning of each school year that Whittman has deemed this “child-stealing season.” This enlightening interview also addresses TeenScreen (a mental health screening program for schoolchildren), the fraud of psychiatric diagnoses and how the county gets more money with each foster child labeled “mentally ill”—resulting in an increasing number of foster children given psychiatric labels and drugs.

Cut and paste the following into your address bar to listen to this interview.

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