World Psychiatric Association to be greeted by protesters in Melbourne

For immediate release: 23rd November 2007                                                               

World Psychiatric Association to be greeted by protesters in MelbourneDemonstrators claim “psychiatry is drugging kids for profit”Psychiatrists attending the World Psychiatric Association’s 2007 congress at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday the 28th of November will receive an unusual greeting.Wearing black T shirts stating, “Stop psychiatric drugging of children” and “Psychiatry drugging kids for profit,” The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), will hold a protest rally against the epidemic of child drugging in Australia. The World Psychiatric Association has a long history of failing to inform parents that psychiatric drugs such as antidepressants and ADHD drugs can cause suicidal behaviour, hallucinations and even death. In Australia:·       Despite the fact Ritalin is not authorized for any child under 6, a 5 year old had a stroke while on Ritalin. Other 5 year olds on Ritalin have endured hallucinations, depression and paranoia, itching, swelling, diarrhea, rashes and infections as well as involuntary movements of the body described as – “hunching shoulders shooting out arm, opening eyes wide, twitching and blinking hard.·       Antidepressants are not authorised for use on any child under 18, yet they were more than 75 000 prescriptions written for children under 15 in 2006. A 4 year old on antidepressants had severe panic and thought her death was impending.·       The Therapeutic Goods Administration has warned that antidepressants can cause suicidal behaviour in children and last year they increased warnings for ADHD drugs to warn of heart problems, depression and some even had suicide warnings added. Eli Lilly, makers of the new ADHD drug “Strattera” are one of the sponsors of the World Psychiatric Association’s 2007 Annual conference. The Psychiatric pharmaceutical alliance will be evident to anyone walking into the convention with pharmaceutical displays and sponsorship.    CCHR says that not only does psychiatry knowingly obscure and mislead parents about the documented side effects of psychiatric drugs given to children, but they invent – not discover- the criteria for so called mental disorders that have resulted in Australian children needlessly prescribed dangerous and deadly drugs. There are no blood tests, brain scans or chemical imbalance tests that can prove any child has a mental disorder – and psychiatrists mislead the public about the validity of psychiatric diagnoses in order to maintain a world wide multibillion dollar child drugging industry. CCHR along with concerned parents, families, professionals and advocates are meeting at 12:30pm lunch time at Batman Park, opposite the convention centre where the congress is being held. Location: BATMAN PARK, MelbourneDate: Wednesday, 28th November 2007Time: Starts at 12:30 pmContact: Mr. Wayne CurnuckTelephone: 0420 245 459Email: rally@cchrvictoria.orgCCHR was founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus from the State University of New York Health Science Centre in Syracuse, and has successfully achieved hundreds of legislative protections against psychiatric abuse.  

(In Australia, CCHR is know as the Citizens Committee on Human Rights)

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