Psychiatry and Psychology are Being Used to Manipulate the Public


December 24

Psychiatry and Psychology are Being Used to Manipulate the Public

It has been my finding that governments across the world are using psychiatry and psychology to manipulate the public’s feelings and actions with no concern at all for the pain and suffering this causes individuals.

Accusations that psychiatry and psychology were being used to crush dissent and to manipulate the public’s feelings and actions were made about the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War era. It was alleged, clearly correctly, that the Soviets used psychiatric hospitals and powerful mind altering psychiatric tranquilizers to create mental illness and painful states of silent acceptance about their circumstances in real or perceived of enemies of the state. And, so vivid portrayals in movies about how foreign undercover agents such as CIA and British intelligence agents and Russian dissidents were broken down in Soviet mental institutions justifiably gained credibility as reflecting the truth and the American and British publics were frightened and ready for a war.

Now that the Cold War era has supposedly ended what we have learned is that yes this was and remains a common practice in Russia, as it has also been all along in the United States and Great Britain as the Soviets alleged in reverse.

In China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam clearly any psychiatrist, other physician, journalist or other member of the society who chooses to take a stand against such brutal mental health care abuses will be isolated, blacklisted, and possibly even arrested. There is no doubt in other words that the Communist world not only continues to use psychiatry and psychology to manipulate the feelings and actions of people, but also that in the Communist world there are no press freedoms being upheld at this time to open up a debate of this issue.

All along; however, the mainstream American and British psychiatrists and psychologists along with their other colleagues internationally refuse to acknowledge what is actually being done with their disciplines implying they as a group share a mindset of Communism which feels the state should have the power to do whatever it desires to the individual. Unfortunately even the federal government of the United States and all 50 state governments appear to also be adhering to a Communist oriented mindset of insisting government rights supersede individual rights while also refusing to acknowledge what is really being done with psychiatry and psychology. Therefore the Federal Republic of the United States and all 50 state governments are actually mirrored after the Communist systems in this era. The same problem exists now in dealing with the British government. And, so we must ask if the Cold War is actually over and who is actually winning the Cold War, the so called democratic nations or the Communists.

What becomes appparent in an analysis of the theories and practices of psychiatry and psychology in this era is that accusations of mental illness generally have little or nothing to do with actual mental illness. What we are often dealing with is a viscous power play between powerful sectors of the society and weaker dissidents. The entire paradigm of mental illness as described in this eras text books reflects the genesis of oppressive disciplines aimed at closing in on individual freedoms. And, the brutal approaches by the psychiatrists and psychologists to enforce their positions further clarifies what we are dealing with is a spiral of torturous attempts to break down the free will of individuals in their so-called therapeutic sessions. The psychiatric drugs themselves do not heal any illness and instead create psychopharmacological strait jackets in their victims aimed at breaking down their free spirits further. And, the oppressive conditions in the mental hospitals with locked doors for law abiding people being housed with murderers, child molestors, and rapists along with isolation chambers and strait jackets further nurtures this brutal process of breaking down the free will of the victims of such abuses.

To further aggravate this problem it has been the policy of not just the Communist nations but also of the United States and Great Britain to financially devastate the targets of psychiatric abuses by blacklisting their vital financial interests even if they are not criminals. The financial weapon is one of the most powerful in crushing individual freedoms and overall health. There can be no real freedom or mental health without economic freedom. Swift, fixed civil court orders before government associated judges with no sworn in testimony and no juries are used to legalize this tyranny.

Many well educated people know the truth about this abusive mental health care scheme in our countries and are afraid to question the authorities or fight aggressively for radical changes in our societies due to fears this abusive scheme will be turned against them to crush their dissent. And, so psychiatry and psychology are effectively being used to manipulate the feelings and emotions of the public in as many manners as possible.

Dr Harold Mandel

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Scary Truth About Our Schools on March 2, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    Teachers who refuse to sign the ‘world government’ pact in their contracts are often attacked by first being given and bad review despite being loyal and hardworking employees adn then, are referred to psychiatrists for no apparent reason. In some school systems this can be mandatory.

    Communism is here and it’s taken over our schools. This means no child will be left behind of the ignorance of what communism is, and won’t know what their rights are under our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And people are inviting this in, in the form of Goals 2000, school reform acts, and now International Baccalaureate.


  2. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on January 7, 2016 at 10:02 am

    We all have opinions about human behaviour.Love begins at home with onself and radiates out from there to others.
    Evidence of negelect,humiliation,ignore,bullied lack of love can damaged children.

    The structure of the brain
    Within the brain itself ,neurones are grouped together into many different structures,each of which seems to be involved in different fuctions of the organism.If we examined people who suffered brain injuries or strokes ,it is possible to connect the behavioural changes with damage to particular sections.But we cannot really conclude from this that one particular structure causes one particular behaviuor.The central nervous system works as a system,not just a collection of different mechanism.It is very important that we do not make a mistake of thinking that the brain operateds as simple kind of machine,with one bit cuasing one effect,becuase it really seems to be much complicated than that.

    Goldstein’s was a neuro-psychiatrist.He wrote human nature in the light of pathology 1963.Goldstein holistic view of brain fuctions ,was based on research that showed that people with brain damage learned to use other parts of thier brains in compensation.He extended this to the entire organism,and postulated that was only one drive in human fuctioning:self actualization.Goldstein and his ideas of self actualisation influnced quite a few personality theorist and therapist .Among them Abraham Maslow,Gordon Allport,Rogers,founders of the humanistic psychology movement.
    When there is darkness in their own spirit then no true light can shine out from them to describe medication to healthy young children is barbaric I am not afraind to question authorities but nobody is listening? I am very passionated about provention


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