ADHD Alternative



Bets to back ADHD alternative

By Edith Bevin

January 05, 2008 12:00am

WHEN Bets Gregory’s daughter was diagnosed with ADHD she refused to put her on medication readily prescribed by most doctors for the disorder.

“It just wasn’t an option for us. I would never be happy to put my children on Ritalin – you know its street name is ‘speed’,” Mrs Gregory said.

Instead the Gordon mother-of-two took Ciara, then 8, to see a psychologist who recommended a natural learning therapy.

It was the first of several therapies the family tried over two years before finding one that worked in not only managing the symptoms but treating the root case.

The search lead the Gregorys to the Davis Therapy, which helps children improve focus and how to respond to situations when they feel themselves becoming anxious or irritated.

It inspired Mrs Gregory to train as a Davis therapist herself and she now treats other children going through the same thing.

Figures revealed by The Daily Telegraph showing almost $10 million in taxpayers dollars subsidise the cost of ADHD prescription drugs “scared” but did not surprise Mrs Gregory.

She believed only about 3 per cent of diagnosed ADHD cases were real and what drove the rush on drugs like Ritalin was parents looking for a “quick fix”.

“The way we do it is the parents also take responsibility and work Through it with their kids,” Mrs Gregory said.

“But what I’ve found is a lot of people aren’t prepared to put in the time it takes – they just want a quick fix.

“And they want schools or the Government to pay for it.

“The research I’ve read, and from own experience, suggests that only about 3 per cent of cases are ADHD

“The rest fall under a form of dyslexia whereby their natural body clock is just going so fast and they need to find ways to slow that down.

“There’s an awful lot of misdiagnosis and an awful lot of kids on ‘speed’ who don’t need to be.”

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