Mother to Warn of Side-effects of “ADHD” Drugs after her Son Suffered on Ritalin at Opening of Exhibition on Psychiatry’s Damaging Treatments

Mother to Warn of Side-effects of “ADHD” Drugs after her Son Suffered on Ritalin at Opening of Exhibition on Psychiatry’s damaging treatments

SYDNEY: Mother of 2 boys, Joanne from Lane Cove, whose eldest son aged 6 suffered horrific side-effects while on Ritalin and Reverend George Capsis who has worked with the homeless and disadvantaged for 25 years will help to open a riveting exhibition titled “Psychiatry: an Industry of Death” on Tuesday 15th January at the Universal Peace Federation in Sydney, speaking out about the damage that mind altering psychiatric drugs can do to children and adolescents.Both are very passionate about raising awareness about what they believe is a dire emergency for our vulnerable children– with prescriptions of ADHD drugs in NSW increasing to over 11,000 per month!  A 108% increase since April last year.  The exhibit put on by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a mental health watchdog group, said that there have been children on ADHD drugs who have tried to commit suicide in Australia and some of these were as young as 7. A 5 year old child suffered a stroke while on Ritalin and other Australian children have experienced heart palpations, hallucinations, delusions and convulsions.Joanne said about her ordeal which included being constantly pressured to drug her son, “Each day I dreaded giving my child the suggested dosages of Ritalin that kept increasing over the one and a half months it was prescribed for “ADHD.”  The side-effects once the Ritalin wore off after school were very traumatic. My son would begin kicking and screaming, answering back and swearing. He had uncontrollable actions, he lost his appetite and his personal characteristics, such as his chattiness and happiness disappeared and he became withdrawn. I lost my son.  Within a few weeks he got Tourette’s syndrome and had repetitive mouth movements and excessive blinking which he could not control. I immediately phoned the doctor and stopped the Ritalin. I now have my son back!”Reverend George Capsis, says the following about the drugging of our youth, “Ritalin and similar drugs are being prescribed for younger and younger children in ever increasing numbers to treat “ADHD.” Frustrated parents in the search for a solution are falsely led to believe that such drugs are the answer to their problems. The latest research is now exposing the truth about these drugs and how they limit potential, stunt growth, cause weight loss and can even cause suicide. It has been my observation that of all those young people that are extensively treated with such drugs, not one of them has had a good outcome later in life.” CCHR wants the Federal Government to increase drug warnings to better inform parents and consumers and to have all drug information packaging advise them that adverse drug reactions should immediately be reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Use of such drugs on children should be prohibited. CCHR is also doing a petition calling for the Federal Government to place Black Box Warnings on all ADHD drugs and to conduct a Federal Inquiry into “ADHD.”The Exhibit contains a 14-part documentary showing the history of psychiatry’s human rights abuses, using graphic footage from psychiatry’s archives and contemporary interviews about the rise in psychotropic drug use, especially since the late 1980s.   Public literature on a wide range of topics relating to mental health is available including information on child drugging.Entry to the exhibit is freeDate & Time: 15th January 2008 at 1pmPlace: Universal Peace Federation, 826 George Street (corner of Regent Street) SydneyContact: Shelley Wilkins on 0414724404 or Mike Woods on 0423876959

CCHR was established by the Church of Scientology in 1969 and renowned international psychiatrist and author, Professor Thomas Szasz.  (In Australia CCHR is known as the Citizens Committee on Human Rights.)

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