Vale Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger the actor from Western Australia died this week.  I read his Father’s sad goodbye in the newspaper.


Heath Ledger was one of around 100,000 people, yep, one hundred thousand people, who die needlessly from Big Pharma’s toxic drugs each year… and that is just in the U.S. of A..


Ledger couldn’t sleep, that was the extent of his problem.  The solution provided by his doctor courtesy of Big Pharma killed him.


According to the New York Post prescription doses of Ambien (a hypnotic drug), Xanax and Ambien (anti-anxiety pills), Donormyl (antihistamine and Zopiclone (God only knows what that one is).


How could anybody survive such a toxic cocktail?  Well often they don’t, to the tune of 100,000 people per year..  Heath Ledger didn’t.  Still, Big Pharma are still profitable, and the FDA officials who cover up Big Pharma’s misdeeds are still likely to have cushy, fat-bottomed jobs awaiting them as a reward for their vomitous behaviour.

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