A Psychiatrist With Integrity

Australian forensic psychiatrist Dr. Yolande Lucire is the target of a smear campaign by her own professional organization (the NSW Medical Board Professional Standards Committee).


Dr. Lucire testified in court about the direct relationship between SSRI antidepressants and violent crime and suicide amongst young people.


Whilst the judge found in favour of Dr. Lucire’s testimony her own organization reprimanded her and ordered her to get psychiatric help.  It won’t stop there.  It takes courage to stand up against the vested interests of those in the pay of Big Pharma and Dr. Lucire will pay a heavy price.


Integrity is rare in the psychiatric sphere and Dr. Lucire should be acknowledged for bravery.

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  1. I am not in the psychiatric profession but I encountered Yola Lucire many years ago. I found her personable, genuine and honest. I admire her strength and hope she can stand firm in the face of the establishment trying to push her around.


  2. I know that Dr Lucire, as Jack Yan has already stated, is genuine and honest. I would add that she is also very courageous to stand up against misconduct in science and to put the health of her patients before her own well being.

    It is truly sad that professionals with integrity are now the minority and have become the ones who are bullied and harrassed for their courage.

    Yola, thank you for all you have done, not only for Australia, but for the UK and the rest of the world.
    You’ve saved lives and that should be the aim of doctors.

    To those who are behind the smear campaign: you need to learn to say “NO”. The hippocratic oath states:

    Above all, do NO harm.


  3. Posted by Anne W on February 14, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    Currently I am one of Dr. Lucire’s patients. Over the past eighteen months she has guided me off anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics which had been prescribed by other psychiatrists over about twenty years. During this time these medications were alerted numerous times with the result being that my condition deteriorated markedly.

    When finally I was referred to Dr. Lucire she assessed me and recommended withdrawal of all these drugs under her full supervision and over time.

    I would fully recommend Dr. Lucire to anybody in a similiar circumstance as mine as I find that my life has been turned around after the withdrawal of the drugs.

    Dr. Lucire should be applauded for her approach and not ridiculed by her profession.


  4. Posted by Foucault on February 14, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    George Orwell once wrote that “…In times of universal deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Then there are those psychiatrists who regard authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.
    Dr. Yolande Lucire is my revolutionary hero a person of integrity who sought the truth, exposed the truth and set my son free from the authority of opinion of more than 200 psychiatrists – who have been proved wrong, again and again and again. Just ask the patient – my son.


  5. Posted by Willie T on February 15, 2008 at 2:11 am

    Dr. Lucire knows the truth of the global disaster of psychiatric drugs. These drugs are designed to cause deliberate harm while others are designed to keep patients addicted. These drugs promote an ethos of deceit and dependency for profit.

    Ridicule is used deliberately to officially trivialize the truth in order to hide the real facts surrounding these destructive drugs. When officials stoop to misleading tactics and reporters deliberately and disingenuously misrepresent the facts, there is obviously truly something to hide.

    The life of someone close to me was turned around by forced psychiatric psychotropics and is now dead as a result. I wish to god I had known Dr. Lucire for then this tragedy would certainly have been averted.

    Dr. Lucire’s unerring integrity, honesty and intelligence in the face of psychiatry’s disgraceful misleading portrayal of itself and its psycho drugs is certainly to be applauded. Bravo!


  6. Posted by John Myers on February 15, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    The approach of Dr Yolande Lucire, it seems to me, only on the basis of what I have read above, appears to emphasize the need for behavioural support and caring as the basis of medical care, rather than simply prescription. Of course there will be an association between SSRI’s and suicide etc, because that is the target of therapy, to prevent this, but it does not always make the 100% difference expected. Context and support are required where this was lacking in the firt place and is part of the cause as it also has to be part of the solution. Antidepressants have done a lot of good. Validity of any association can only be made in context. Sampling must be fair and ethical in order to be able to make such claims. Given this it is clear focus needs to be on helping and not only by prescibing. I am currently involved in resolving a complaint made against me where i wanted a prospective evaluation of a patient done, as the least restrictive path of treatment, according to the Mental Health Act 1988, where this was not done and the patient was placed on an involuntary community treatment order, as a result of which, i believe, she died. To find a psychiatrist who will speak out to provide a second opinion in support of mine means we need the likes of Dr Yolande, because in doing so I now have a complaint to the Professional Board to deal with now aimed at me – yet, had they followed my advice the patient would have been treated in accordance with the Law, and would most probably still be alive. More injustice is now done to the elderly, in removing them from their homes against their will second only to the maltreatment of Aboriginals for which Mr Rudd has now apologised than is known, which is an even bigger health issue than the one you raise, but which is directly related to it, about which there needs to be a national focus for something to be done. It is one thing to be killed, another to be buried alive and neither ought to occur, nor tolerated!


  7. Posted by John Myers on February 15, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    Please confirm that you received my comment.Thank you. Dr JBMyers.


  8. Posted by John Myers on February 20, 2008 at 1:17 am

    THanks, I hope it is a useful addition to the catalogue of replies you receive. Sorry aout the typographiacl erros. You may wish to correct these, for which i shal be grateful. (lways=always, fourth line, firt=first end of fifth line, Given this it si clear =Given this, it is clear, 8th line, complint=complaint, 9th line, theMental=the Mental 11th line, asa=as a whihc=which beleive=believe 12th line, whihch=which 3rd line from the end,
    Shalom.Also for the information of all i am a Consultant Physician, not actually a psychiatrist, and Geriatrician, specialist in elderly rehabilitation and assessment and treatment and prevention of medical conditions in old age. And i thank G-d.
    Foucault, 14 Feb, 2008 gets my vote. May the pendulum soon turn the other way.


  9. The State of Connecticut has filed a detailed statement of claim against Eli Lilly for various forms of fraud in relation to the promotion of Zyprexa.
    According to this complaint and in my own knowledge and experience, Eli Lilly’s illegal marketing enterprises and schemes included the following:
    PEER-SELLING ENTERPRISE: Lilly compensated medical marketing firms and several physicians who routinely promoted Zyprexa to peer physicians in venues nationwide. Physicians who attended “educational” events were deceived into thinking that the events were independent of Eli Lilly. Conspiring physicians concealed information about the efficacy of Zyprexa in off-label uses and dangerous side effects, as well as the doctors’ financial ties with Eli Lilly.
    THE ROLE OF PHARMACIES: Eli Lilly targeted pharmacies, particularly those that serviced long-term care facilities. Both the pharmacy and the Eli Lilly representative would agree that the program include a presentation by a doctor – hand picked by Eli Lilly – who would promote off-label use of Zyprexa for dementia. The Eli Lilly sales representative would file a formal request funds from Eli Lilly for an educational grant. Eli Lilly would issue a check to the pharmacy and the pharmacy would issue a check to the doctor, concealing compensation from Lilly to the physician.
    PUBLICATION ENTERPRISE: Eli Lilly created a “Publication Enterprise” that hired writers to create articles, and then paid specialists to “author” the articles. The articles only included favorable results of Eli Lilly’s own internal trials, and suppressed unfavorable results, including a clinical trial that failed to show Zyprexa’s efficacy for bipolar disorder.
    PUBLIC PAYER ENTERPRISE: Eli Lilly captured the Medicaid and Medicare markets by paying officials in various states, paying them substantial sums of money to spread falsehoods regarding the efficacy, safety and side effects of Zyprexa and to promote off-label use. Eli Lilly targeted those who oversaw treatment for people with serious mental illness, including patients in mental hospitals and clinics who are on Medicaid – among the largest users of antipsychotic drugs. Lilly also influenced prescribing physicians to over-medicate senior citizens in nursing homes and adolescents in detention centers with antipsychotics.
    View the entire Lilly complaint
    And see how Lilly promoted in Australia



  10. Posted by Marilyn Toft on November 23, 2008 at 4:59 am

    Medical Board issued me with a gag order in 2007 to hell with them.

    Integrity is rare in the Medical field and Dr Lucire should be acknowledged for her courage and honesty in speaking the truth about her peers.

    I was a witness for the HCCC at a Medical Tribunal against Dr Peter Snowdon a well know psychiatrist who works for the government and teacher the Post Graduates.
    Dr Peter Snowdon prescribe my son 400mg of Zoloft with 40mg Oxychodone for a minor work related back injury in 2000
    Dr Snowden never told him he will be taking his medication 200mg over and above the recommend dose, 3 weeks later Wayne collapse and was admitted to Liverpool hospital, the hospital continued on with the overdosed of Zoloft and Morphine for another 4 days which cased a drug induced cardia arrest, Our son was discharge from hospital 4 months later with an Acquired Brain injury through lack oxygen to his brain.

    We first made our complaint in 2003 to the HCCC; Dr Snowdon was referred to the director of proceeding.

    In 2007 Dr Peter Snowdon Legal team convinced the Medical Board, because our son was so depressed he had no choice than to prescribe Zoloft at 200mg above the recommended dose, they did not see Dr Snowdon as a threat to the pubic because he claimed he is no longer in private practice, no further action was taken by the Medical Board. This inquiry that was perused by the HCCC costing the Australian tax’s payers many thousands of dollars.

    Six months later Dr Lucire had the same Legal team and the Medical Board was headed by the same doctors, her crime was to speak out about how certain drugs were prescribed and co-prescribed by certain practitioners, which caused a NSW Judge to slam doctors, The Medical Board reprimanded Dr Lucire for just having and opinion, but and it will be obvious to all who read this she was so right in what she is claiming, Dr Snowdon nearly kill my son and the Medical Board did nothing, this Medical Board who are so far up them self need to be educated about the prescribing of these drug and the damage they do.
    Life will never be the same we are now his carer’s happy to talk to anyone about this email address ltoft@optusnet.com.au


    • Posted by Miss R on August 12, 2013 at 5:35 pm

      If you want to know where this slum is …. On Thursday 15th August 2013 at 11am he will be at Suite 4 level 1 66 Berry Street North Sydney NSW


  11. I am writing in support of Dr Yolande Lucire’s appeal against the NSW Medical Board and the committee for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists following their decision’s to have her cease treating patients she has diagnosed and treated for chronic SSRI induced Akathisia. I understand they have ruled she is a danger to her patients therefore not allowing any future contact with us.
    Dr Lucire has been absolutely instrumental in my recovery since diagnosing my chronic SSRI induced Akathisia condition in 2006 and has indeed not been a threat or a danger to me. Dr Lucire in fact was successful in her treatment by initiating a very slow and controlled withdrawal process from Effexor SSRI antidepressant medication over several months explaining at the time the reactions I suffered were likely to have been associated with my inability to metabolize such medications. I was later DNA tested by her and the findings have confirmed me as a diminished metababoliser of CYP450 drugs.
    I had by that stage been living and constantly struggling with the consequences of severe and debilitating reactions after being prescribed antidepressant Effexor SSRI medications since 1999. My experience was made much worse because my treating practitioners did not recognize it as Akathisia, instead interpreted it only as chronic/or acute depression and anxiety. This being ridiculous to me at the time and thereafter as I had only attended my GP in the first place for normal life stress related issues and held no history of either.
    The immediate and long term reactions impacted on my general wellbeing with ‘out of character behavior’, reporting increasing agitation, restlessness, mental unease, a sense of dread triggered by minor events and felt frightened of being by myself because of suicidal thoughts. Through this I suffered insomnia, weird and distressing nightmare type dreams, night sweats, lack of appetite causing drastic weight loss, inability to concentrate or make decisions, (plus there were many other horrible symptoms) making my whole sense of my self disappear into a frightening and confusing void as I had never in my life experienced before. It was the psychological side effects that altered my sense of self/identity, and caused a feeling of emotional flatness and estrangement that I found difficult to accept and manage.
    Initially it caused me to be unable to attend work for several months threatening my long standing 15 year career as a Senior Human Resources practitioner within one of the major Sydney Area Health Services generating more stress for my immediate and future livelihood. I was eventually partially medically retired from work in 2003 due to repeated unsuccessful attempts of gaining my full and previous capacity to function. The medical term used for my incapacity was acute/chronic depression and anxiety. The irreparable decline, pain and suffering associated with disrupted ability to sustain work, relationships involving long standing colleagues, friends, and family together with a life partner of 17 years since have also been horrendous to bear. These distressing experiences were certainly noticed by clinicians, but only ever diagnosed it as an (other) dimension of mental ‘illness’, rather than as an adverse side effect of the medications I had been prescribed. I had on numerous occasions tried to suggest it was the medication. I was also co-prescribed anti-anxiety medication Xanax and at one stage anti-psychotic medication Zyprexa as the treating practitioners I had been to see did not recognize it as Akathisia, instead attempted to treat me for only acute/or chronic depression and anxiety.
    Since my withdrawal, it has been a long and arduous journey to regain my life back to some sense of normality psychologically, physically, emotionally and financially however I feel if it weren’t for Dr Lucire recognizing the Akathisia I would never have regained as much as I have now. I do not tolerate stress as I used to, I have pins and needle sensations throughout by body still and my cognition is not as it use to be hence my potential to earn is significantly less however, I have now sustained gainful employment for the past year, found a place to live after being homeless at one stage of all of this and look forward to a continued slow and steady improvement as has been predicted by Dr Lucire.
    It is my opinion therefore the decision of members from the NSW Medical Board and the committee of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists to not agree that antidepressant medications cause the kind of problems from which I suffered ought to walk in my shoes and the shoes of all the other’s of which this has occurred for just one day no less because it is real, life threatening and a public health epidemic. I know personally of people who have not survived this and suicide was their only way out, so I consider every day just how fortunate I was to have met Dr Lucire as she has literally saved my life! It definitely feel’s like the old ‘shoot the messenger’ mentality yet again is applicable here and the good old ‘boys club’ alive and well as usual; political, untouchable and corrupt!
    The doctor’s who treated me and actually made me sick with the side effects did not know enough to monitor it properly obviously and the NSW Medical Board failed to protect me and other members of the public by dismissing the matter. Following my own research, I also now know of numerous reports having been made for many years where other clinicians have acknowledged it and tried to bring to the authorities attention, but to no avail. It is in fact criminal what is going on and as a member of the public I shall have no hesitation in bringing it forward in what ever public arena necessary on behalf of Dr Lucire, myself and all the other members of the public it has and continues to effect.
    Joanne Thomas


  12. Posted by Anne W on November 3, 2010 at 12:27 am

    Following my earlier post of 2008 I have remained free of psychiatric drugs.
    Without Dr. Yola Lucire giving me my life back by recognising the prescribed pills were the cause of many of my difficulties I do not wish to think where my life would be today.
    How long is it going to take for the world to open its eyes and see?
    History has proven that majority of thought is not always the correct thought. The world was thought to be flat!


  13. Posted by Miss R on August 12, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    If you want to know where Dr Peter Snowdon is….. This Thursday Morning at 11am 15th August he will be at Suite 4 level 1 Berry Street North Sydney NSW


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