Steven Kazmierczak-Dead Killer Courtesy of Prozac

Steven Kazmierczak was a decent bloke who was taking an indecent drug.  When he stopped taking Prozac he bought guns and ammo and slaughtered other students. 


Eli Lilly spokesman Charlie McAtee said: “There is so much information that is still unknown about his life and medical history and therefore it may never be known as to (sic) why (Kazmierczak) ultimately chose to take the lives of others as well as himself.”


To which I am forced to say… self-serving waffle.  How many more deaths Charlie before you take some personal responsibility for what you are doing?  At the very least leave such a despicable place of employment.


“Can stopping medications be an important contributory factor in deterioration of behaviour… where violence ends up being committed?  Yes, absolutely.”

Dr. Paul Ragan, associate professor psychiatry, Vanderbilt University.


It appears that it is only Charlie who still doesn’t get it, or doesn’t want to get it.

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