Eli Lilly Trial


A quote from Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal at the trial of Eli Lilly over its illegal marketing of Zyprexa:


“Through a complex series of illegal rackets and lies, Eli Lilly built a multibillion dollar drug enterprise at the expense of taxpayers, consumers and patient lives. Today’s action seeks millions for Connecticut taxpayers and consumers who continue to suffer the financial and physical ruin resulting from the improper prescribing of Zyprexa.


“Eli Lilly adopted a sick marketing mindset: profits over patients, sales over safety. Driven by fierce greed, Eli Lilly corrupted doctors, pharmacies and public officials nationwide who easily abandoned integrity and decency for selfenrichment. My office will fight aggressively on behalf of Connecticut citizens who continue to pay the price of Eli Lilly’s illegal, senseless schemes.”

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