Insanity in Law and ‘Medicine’ – The MOTHERS Act


Insanity In Law And “Medicine”… S. 1375 “The MOTHERS Act”: From Permissiveness to Force*


*/by Amy Philo/*, Zoloft Survivor; Website:

<>Contact: 817-793-8028 (cell), 

214-705-0169 (home) email:


<>/(Additional endorsements against the bill are listed throughout this website and on previous press releases, and a more complete list will be uploaded soon.)


*May 6, 2008


*In 2006, a newborn baby was taken from a family in Washington by CPS after reports that the mother gave birth at home. The mother was ordered to take antidepressants and subsequently ordered not to breastfeed. Eventually the family was able to get the baby girl back, and they fled the state.


Another case of excessive state interference: A Novermber 10, 2007 blog entry discusses a case of a Nebraska family whose child was taken by DCFS because the family refused a routine newborn screening test.


A recent article in the New Jersey Star Ledger discussed the cases of two women who were escorted by social workers and police to hospitals for psychiatric treatment after mentioning that they were depressed. Many New Jersey doctors now fear they will have to hospitalize women indefinitely during cases of PPD. Certainly the pressure to treat with drugs is greater now than it was prior to the state’s new PPD law.


Sadly, one third of US women are already taking psychiatric drugs at some point during their pregnancies, according to the ACOG. Fifty percent of pregnant women are never warned that there are risks for their babies when they take antidepressants during pregnancy. There is a concerted campaign by groups who receive pharmaceutical funding to promote the idea that the risks for unborn babies or nurslings is outweighed by the benefit the mother will receive from taking a drug. However, as many have known for decades, this “benefit” scenario is impossible because high serotonin causes severe mental and physical 

problems. (see: )


Whether it is the foster care system drugging the young and vulnerable, or PhRMA convincing the breastfeeding community and OBGYNs that psychiatric drugs are safe for nursing and pregnant women, the evidence that these drugs are ineffective makes any and every excuse offered about so-called disorders irrelevant. The very significant risk of death to the unborn, newborn, and young innocents in our society – either from the toxic effects, or violence induced by the drugs, is a risk we must not accept.


Dr. Erick Turner recently published the FDA-reviewed studies that drug companies suppressed for decades, and combined them with the published data. This report proves that there is no benefit whatsoever to taking antidepressants. ( 




Another study completed in Sweden proves that 80% of suicides committed by adults were linked to the use of psychiatric drugs, particularly antidepressants and antipsychotics. ( 


<> )


Despite the fact that there is no benefit over placebo for any antidepressant, many continue to push for expansion of the market in the childbearing population. A nation of people getting legally high on drugs with similar action to cocaine, LSD, PCP and methamphetamines is the only kind of climate that could ever support all of the insane policies being promoted and enacted.


The New Jersey law mentioned earlier is about to become the law of our land if we do not join forces and protest vigorously to stop that from occurring. A tremendous amount of drug company money has been donated to many groups who support proposed legislation called “The MOTHERS Act.” The MOTHERS Act (H.R. 20 / S. 1375) passed in the House in October by a two-thirds majority and is currently in the Senate HELP Committee.


S. 1375 will institute universal screening of new mothers and require that any mother considered at risk for or showing warning signs of depression or psychosis be referred to a mental health care provider and given “essential services.” The bill considers “medication” essential. It defines PPD as beginning any time in pregnancy. The MOTHERS Act provides grants for nonprofit groups and others who will ensure compliance with the law. It will also divert tax dollars to the development of new drugs and experimentation on minorities. This devotion to more research is ironic considering that Eli Lilly has a derivative of Prozac sitting on its shelf which is considered safer than Prozac, less likely than Prozac to induce suicide and self-harm, according to the patent application. They chose not to market this drug. The MOTHERS Act also requires the use of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) to screen mothers. The EPDS has been shown to triple the number of women “diagnosed” with PPD. Swedish scientists recently warned that the EPDS is a completely unethical screening tool and should not be used at all.


Many women who use psychiatric drugs after being tagged by bogus screenings and frightened into compliance will become homicidal or suicidal as a result of taking these drugs (the FDA warns that antidepressants double the rate of suicidal behavior), and this could lead to forced hospitalization or involvement from CPS. It is not unlikely that children removed from their homes under these circumstances will subsequently be drugged.


There are many groups pushing for the bill who stand to benefit 

financially if it does pass. These groups promote the bill in spite of all of the known risks and the lack of any benefit to mothers. 

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) conducted a massive year-long psychiatry symposium in 2007, which included 150,000 participants. For this they received $825,000 from Eli Lilly for the first quarter of 2007 alone. The MGH website contains articles promoting antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs to pregnant and breastfeeding women, a recent blog entry claiming that there is no risk of heart defects for babies exposed to Paxil in pregnancy, and a request for people to sign a “petition” supporting The MOTHERS Act. Despite this Paxil and heart defects “study,” the reality is that SSRIs and other antidepressants are behind thousands upon thousands of cases of infant death via spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, birth defects, preterm births, SIDS, homicide, and more. The FDA MedWatch Database lists the suspect drugs for Transposition of the Great Arteries – a rare heart defect. Paxil is listed in approximately 66% of cases, and the remaining cases are heavily linked with other SSRIs and serotonergic drugs. If there really were a low absolute risk of a baby being born with a cardiac defect after Paxil exposure, then it would probably only be due to the fact that the rate of spontaneous abortion and stillbirth are doubled with SSRIs, while preterm births are five times more likely.


Other drug company funded groups pushing to pass The MOTHERS Act include (this is by no means a full list):


*/American Psychiatric Association/* – $412,331 received from Eli Lilly alone for the first quarter of 2007


*/The March of Dimes/* – $7,500 received from Eli Lilly alone for the first quarter of 2007


*/Mental Health America /*- $94,000 received from Eli Lilly alone for the first quarter of 2007 ($2500 for a Legislative Education Day)


*/Suicide Prevention Action Network USA /*- $10,000 from Eli Lilly alone for the first quarter of 2007


*/National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)/* – $544,500 from Eli Lilly alone for the first quarter of 2007


*/The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance/* – receives more than 50% of their overall funding from pharmaceutical companies.


Sadly, the bill is also promoted in honor of a pharmaceutical sales manager named Melanie Stokes, who committed suicide, leaving her 3-month-old daughter motherless. Melanie was abused with electroshock and four separate three-drug cocktails of different brands of antidepressants, anti-anxiety, and antipsychotic drugs. The antidepressant drugs Melanie took increase the risk of PPP 1000%. She was put through numerous drug and dose changes prior to her death. The FDA also warns that dose changes of psychiatric drugs lead to suicide and psychosis. Despite Melanie’s use of antipsychotic drugs, proponents of bill also claim that Melanie was not promptly treated for post-partum psychosis.


To learn more about The MOTHERS Act, as well as homicidal and suicidal urges caused by the drugs, and about the suffering of babies and children who are exposed in pregnancy and through nursing, please visit

and watch our playlist on YouTube at:


Additional resources for preventing & treating PPD safely:


Please share our petition against The MOTHERS Act with others: 

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