Psychiatric Drug ‘Researchers’ Busted

The Dallas Morning News reported today that a state mental health plan which would name the preferred psychiatric drugs for doping up children has been “put on hold”.

The problem is that the ‘researchers’ who worked on determining the most efficacious drugs are suspected of being in the pocket of Big Pharma.

State investigators believe that fraud has occurred.  The State of Texas is suing Johnson & Johnson’s Jannsen unit for supposedly using improper influence and false advertising.

At least four of the researchers have been found to have received ‘funding’ from Big Pharma:


Graham Emslie

M. Lynn Crimson

Steven Pliszka

Carroll Hughes


What a sewage pit of corruption Big Pharma has inflicted on what should be a profession dedicated to the good health of its patients.  Any treatment is okay now, no matter how harmful, no matter how young the victims, as long as it is profitable.

The word ‘disgusting’ hardly does the situation justice, but I cannot think of a better word at the moment.

The US Congressional investigators led by Senator Charles E. Grassley is really starting to make its mark.  Well done Senator Grassley.  It has taken too many decades to expose this grand malpractice, but at least someone has finally had the balls, not to mention the integrity, to do something.

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