A vote for Obama is a Vote for Big Pharma

A vote for Obama

is a vote for Big Pharma

Barrack Obama is the co-sponsor of the ‘Mother’s Act’.  This wonderful sounding bill is in actuality a means whereby psychiatrists get their claws into expectant Mothers.  Yet another source of income through drug sales for psychiatry.

Barrack Obama is one of the most vocal supporters of the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) an organization financed and controlled by Pharmaceutical Companies 

If he becomes president, Obama will strongly advocate even further intrusions by psychiatry into the lives of American families.  He is committed to even more ‘screenings’ for ‘mental health problems’

Obama as president would set the Human Rights agenda in the US back 20 years.  He would be a disaster for all the individuals and families who have fought the scourge of psychiatry for so long and so hard.

He is also a co-sponsor of Senator Paul Wellstone’s mental health parity legislation which would be a windfall to psychiatry and be a huge win for the pill pushers. Obama “strongly supports” (his statement) all 24 issues which NAMI favors in his reply to a survey they sent him. 

McCain and Obama have very different positions here. McCain is against universal parity. His health plan does not even mention mental health. In his reply to NAMI he emphasized individual responsibility, sound fiscal goals and a holistic approach and did not even bother to answer a single question from NAMI. Who do we think NAMI is lobbying for in the presidential sweepstakes? One guess!

One has to conclude that Obama is well and truly in the pocket of Big Pharma and is a definite menace. Yes, I understand, it is hard to vote for the successor to George W. Bush, but McCain is definitely the lesser of two unpalatable choices.

A vote for Obama

is a vote for Big Pharma


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