Psychiatric Prison System-Victoria, Australia

The government of the State of Victoria in Australia runs a psychiatric prison system.   You can be imprisoned on the say so of a couple of psychiatrists and kept there indefinitely.  You can be, and many are, subjected to the most appalling and unusual practices which a more civilized state would instantly recognize as torture.  

The prisoner has no recourse.  The prisoner has no hope.  The media turn a blind eye as it is an uncomfortable subject area.  The parents can only write letters such as the one below.  Human Rights are completely ignored in Victoria, Australia


The Hon. Lisa Neville

Minister for Mental Health.


We want our son Garth Daniels to be immediately discharged into our care.

He has committed no crime nor has he any conviction against him.

He was transferred from the Alfred Hospital on Wednesday afternoon

In response to a protest calling for his release from hospital.

We want his immediate discharge from the Thomas Embling Prison Hospital



Bernard & Marilyn DANIELS

Guardian & parents of Garth

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