German School Shootings

The young German boy who went on a shooting rampage will be found to have been on psychiatric antidepressant drugs.
It is the common factor in school shootings stretching right back to Kent State in 1968 (March 16… apologies, that should have stated ‘Texas Tower Massacre’, not ‘Kent State’). Over 40 years of psych drug rampages and still the FDA deems them safe.
How much longer will it be and how many more lives will be destroyed before we acknowledge the blindingly obvious and ban these toxic chemical cocktails?

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  1. Posted by Basil Miller on March 16, 2009 at 9:37 am

    Philip — You are surely right, but what’s tghe reference to Kent State 1968? This was a massacre of students demonstrating against the Vietnam War by the US National Guard… Was there some other rampage there as well?


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