Chemical Imbalance

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD
November 9, 2009
(911 words)

Author The ADHD Fraud—How Psychiatry Makes ‘Patients” of Normal Children.

Saturday evening, November 7, 2009, Don Lemon of CNN had a psychiatrist on, a Dr. Dale Archer, speaking of the Ft. Hood massacre.  Dr. Archer spoke of post traumatic stress disorder—PTSD, and specifically suggested that it was a chemical imbalance of the brain, which means, a chemical abnormality of the brain–a disease.  Googling Dr. Archer’s web site, I learned that he is a ‘board-certified Psychiatrist and Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association…’ that “He specializes in chemical imbalances of the brain, personal responsibility and relationships…’ and finally, that  “He also is the Corporate Medical Director for the Behavioral Health Group which owns and operates 20 substance abuse treatment centers around the country.”
‘Chemical imbalance’ is the ‘big lie’ that psychiatry uses as its every ‘diagnosis’ and excuse/reason/indication to give drugs—‘chemical balancers.’  To be sure they do just that, often prescribing 5, 15 or 20 drugs at a time.  Google the tragic stories of soldiers Chad Oligschlaeger and Robert Nichols, and that of Derek Johnson, 22, Andrew White, 23, Eric Layne, 29, and Nicholas Endicott, all of Charleston, WV, diagnosed “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” (PTSD), and ‘treated’ with the Paxil, Klonopin, and Seroquel, all dying in their sleep more likely from their ‘treatment’ than from any ‘chemical imbalance’/’disease’ (Julie Robinson, Charleston Gazette, May 24, 2008).

And these are not exceptions.  Military psychiatry and psychiatry everywhere, prescribes drugs with no actual physical abnormality/disorder/disease to make normal and usually to the exclusion or prescribed and un-prescribed human, humane, common sense psychological healing such as that which surely comes of love, things spiritual, and or the human touch.  But how can such things work when the ‘disease’ model is forced down their throats, loved ones are barred, and it is insisted nothing else will do.  What’s more everything they say and do, be it to a veteran, a citizen, a struggling pregnant mother or a school child, is to drive home the ‘disease’ lie, portraying it to be as severe and grim as possible so as to leave not doubt of the necessity of drugs–only drugs.   PTSD, like depression, like anxiety, like desperation is no doubt a grim and terrible combination of feelings in normal, adaptable, human beings who have experienced grim, horrible things.  But are these exposures as horrible and insurmountable as psychiatry insists.  There were a far greater number of psychological survivors of the Holocaust than psychiatry cares to admit, none of them getting or needing the always-pharmacological solutions of psychiatry-gone-pharmacologic; of psychiatry gone Big Pharma, of psychiatry gone big money.

While the short term memory loss Stan White speaks of in PTSD can surely be due to psychological factors that are overwhelming, psychiatry invariably forces us to ask to what extent such short-term memory loss is due to the drugs PTSD ‘patients’ are virtually always on from the very first contact forward–that which insists it ‘diagnoses’ and ‘treats’ actual diseases when it never does–when what it does is nothing but poisoning and imprisoning ever after so as to make and keep the human being in the equation a psychiatric-pharmaceutical ‘patient’ in perpetuity.    They have no intention of discharging that ‘patient’—ever.

My good friend Patrick Groff was on the front lines in WW II and suggests the psychological outcomes were nowhere near as bad as we see and hear today.   Fully qualified to comment, he writes: “As a veteran from WW II, I am at a loss to understand why so many of today’s military commit so many suicides.  The only thing I can imagine in that regard is the seemingly lack of purpose these young men and women face at present.   As I can recall, I often was highly scared, but never to the point I felt like killing myself. How do modern psychiatrists explain this modern phenomenon?”

Suicides, homicides, Ft. Hood!  Who can claim that one war is any more horrible, evil or effecting than another?  Think, Vietnam! Think My Lai!  Think Nazi death camps!  What jumps out as different about these wars are veterans and soldiers saturated with psychiatric drugs, and kept on the front lines or sent back to the front lines time after time, as if these drugs sharpen their reflexes, reactions and assessments making them a better sniper, a better pilot of a supersonic fighter, a better leader of men, more likely to survive, more likely to see that their men survive.  Show me that study, that psychiatric literature.  And how do 8, 10 or 13 such drugs at a time sharpen their reflexes, their decision-making–make them better soldiers?  Every school and college massacre and most work-place shootings as well, have had psychiatric drugs and psychiatry written all over them and still we believe them and we dutifully accept their ‘disease’ ‘chemical imbalance’ diagnoses and their ‘pills’ where no real diseases exist, ever have or ever will.  And when the facts can finally be gotten out–yes there were psychiatric drugs, they admit, but they were all ‘under treated, is the new explanation.

I have yet to see a word about Major Hasan, perpetrator of the latest ‘Columbine’  and whether or not he was ‘medicated,’ ‘self-medicating,’ or clean and sober and on a warped, tragic religious mission.

Fred Baughman, MD

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