Protecting Children

A petition is being mandated of the UN  Human Rights Council to investigate into the collusion of drug makers and the psychiatrists in the name of profits when it comes to the business of psychotropic drugs and the treatment of children with such drugs.

You can view & sign the petition here @ Help Protect the Sanity of Children Petition <> and encourage all your family and friends on your contact list to do the same…the more signatures behind it, the LOUDER our voice will be in the ears of the UN council, and the sooner we can help save the children.

The target is 10,000 signatures.

With over 20 million children on one form of psychotropic drug or another world-wide, we can no longer afford to see another child’s life ruined by these drugs all in the name of corporate profits.

No amount of money can justify the losses.

To learn more the following are highly recommended:

1) Making a Killing  – Documentary
2) Generation Rx -Documentary
3) Marketing of Madness – Documentary
4) The Corporation – Documentary

Help protect the children today and sign the petition
Help Protect the Sanity of Children Petition

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