Dr Michael Corry R.I.P.

On Monday, 22nd February 2010, Michael Corry M.D. died at his home after a short illness.  He had cancer.  I met Michael in 2006 in County Wicklow, Ireland.  He was an implacable foe of the charlatans who dispense psychotropic drugs.

From left to right: Philip, Dr. Michael Corry, Basil Miller

He tried to genuinely help those who most needed it which put him openly at odds with the bio-psychiatrists.  As a psychiatrist it would have been far more profitable for Michael to have joined the drug pushers, but such was not his path.

Michael also spoke out against the barbarism of electroshock therapy. He will be missed, not only by his family and his patients and all those he helped, but by those of us who fight the same fight against the same degenerate forces of psychiatric pseudo healing.

Michael’s life was short in years, but long in achievement.  He was a tireless campaigner who suffered more than his fair share of petty and ignorant critics.  Such is the fate of all who speak the truth.

He had integrity and allowed his patients their integrity.  He fought bio-psychiatry from within the belly of the beast.  Only a very few have had the honesty and courage to do that.

Michael lived a good and decent life based around the concept of helping others.  I am greatly saddened by his passing.

Vale Michael Corry

Philip Barton

27th February, 2010

Below is an obituary from http://www.depressiondialogues.ie/ which is run by Michael’s good friend and active colleague Basil Miller.

Dr Michael Corry RIP

We are extremely sad to inform you that Dr Michael Corry has died after a short illness. 
Dr Corry has been a fearless campaigner for the rights of mental health service users and all those suffering psychological distress; an opponent of bio-psychiatry and its exclusive reliance on psycho-pharmacology; an implacable campaigner for the abolition of ECT as a so-called ‘therapy”; and a compassionate healer appreciated by thousands of patients.

His career spanned work as a hospital doctor in Uganda in the Amin era before he qualified as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, work as a public service consultant psychiatrist in St Brendan’s Hospital, Dublin, and private practice. His imagination and desire to get things done powered both his work as director of the EU-sponsored Resocialisation Project at St Brendan’s in the early 1980s, and being a founder of the privately-funded Clane Hospital in Kildare, where he served as consultant psychiatrist from the early days.

He was one of the founders of the Institute of Psychosocial Medicine in Dun Laoghaire in 1987, which developed from a four-partner practice into an organisation with over 20 practitioners and nationwide renown as a healing centre, and which also provides training courses and encourages research and advocacy.

In 2004, Michael began a series of articles on depression in the Irish Times which led to the establishment of the monthly Depression Dialogues seminars which he moderated with his partner, Dr Aine Tubridy, and to the launch of the depressiondialogues website on Valentine’s Day 2005.

In 2006 he, together with a number of mental health campaigners who supported his humanist, existential approach to the treatment of psychological distress, set up The Wellbeing Foundation to pursue the aim of substituting a rounded, holistic and compassionate approach to mental health for the exclusively pharmaceutical, and often dangerous and ineffective, approach of conventional psychiatry.

Most recently, his work in campaigning for an end to electro-shock ‘therapy’ led to a private members Bill being introduced into the Senate which would bar the forced use of ECT — use without the informed consent of any patient. While the Government did not accept the Bill as proposed, the Minister in charge, John Moloney, has initiated a comprehensive consultation process which we hope will lead to the first steps being taken towards ending this barbaric practice.

That would be a fitting memorial to Michael’s memory.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Bill O'Dowd on March 18, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    Rest in Peace.


  2. Posted by Seamus Hargadon on April 13, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    Michael is now protected by the White Light of Spirt,
    who is with him and goes before him,
    making perfect instant,
    and easy his way.

    Doctors differ and patients die.
    But with Michael they lived with a new lease of life
    in a world thats good. With all its sham, drudery and
    broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.

    Life is like a cup of tea, its how you make it.

    Michael, thank you for that new lease of life.

    PS. I am now crying, remembering a great man, doctor
    and healer. Seamus.


  3. Posted by BM on November 4, 2013 at 9:12 am

    I hope he is in the arms of the angels as I believe he was an earth angel



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