Psychiatry-The Career of Choice for Perverts

The Catholic Church became a haven for sexual deviants who joined the priesthood solely to satisfy their perversions.

Now that the Church is cleaning up its act there is no doubt that the career of choice for these weirdos has become the psychiatric profession.

I saw a sign in Los Angeles a couple of years ago saying “hide your children, the psychiatrists are coming’.  Funny if it wasn’t so true.


20 more charges laid against Calgary psychiatrist accused of sex assault on client

Aubrey Levin is taken into custody by Calgary Police Service on Tuesday. March 23, 2010.

Photograph by: Ted Jacob, Calgary Herald

CALGARY – Police have just announced they have laid 20 additional charges against a prominent Calgary psychiatrist accused of sexually assaulting a former patient.

Aubrey Levin, 71, was charged with a single count of sexual assault in March, after police launched an investigation into a complaint by a former patient. The new charges announced this morning brings the total number of sex assault counts and complainants to 21.

“There are additional charges to be laid and I’ll be meeting with the assigned Crown,” said Levin’s lawyer, Alain Hepner.

Investigators said several complainants came forward to police after the initial allegation against Levin was made public in March.

It’s alleged the sex assaults took place during court-ordered psychiatric assessments or counselling sessions at Levin’s office in the Peter Lougheed Centre or examination rooms.

Provincial justice officials have been reviewing years’ worth of court cases in which Levin was involved — many of them court-ordered assessments of convicted offenders awaiting sentencing.

Levin, who was first licensed as a psychiatrist in South Africa in 1969, has been out on bail since shortly after his arrest.

He is no longer practising as his licence was suspended by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, which is the province’s regulatory body.

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