‘Soul Interrupted’ at Arus Lorcain in Arklow, Ireland

Soul Interrupted, the documentary film  about the lives of mental health service users made by the Wellbeing Foundation, will be shown on Thursday 30 September at 7.30pm in Arklow.

The documentary, filmed by Jonathan Woods in the summer of 2006, interviews a cross section of users of the public psychiatric services. Whether you are a ‘service user’ or a ‘service provider’, a sceptic towards or an advocate of ECT and antidepressant drugs, their self-narrated emotional testament provides compelling insight into the experiences and views of those on the receiving end.

Says Jonathan Woods: “I’ve been involved in documenting the lives of many people in extreme circumstances. In Thailand, I witnessed the distress of countless survivors of the Asian tsunami. Closer to home I’ve been immersed in the explosive sectarian hatred in Northern Ireland. Working on Soul Interrupted has had just as deep a personal impact. Where Michael [Corry] and I went in the course of the production there was no high drama, no danger.

“Instead, on our doorstep we found people struggling to raise their voice against their treatment by a quietly immovable, powerful, often care-less medical and psychiatric force.”

The dramatic film will be shown in Arus Lorcain, Castlepark, Arklow tomorrow Thursday 30 September at 7.30pm. Admission by donation.

Arus Lorcain is located near the  Catholic Church on Castlepark. From Main Street, take the turn which runs beside the church, turn left and park ASAP. The building will be on your right.

Any organisation or group interested in showing the documentary should contact Basil Miller, head of communications at the Wellbeing Foundation


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