‘Abuse’ by John McCarthy

A poem by John McCarthy the founder of Mad Pride.  I will not add any comment as the poem says it all.


You have: rotated us, dunked us,
beat us, tied us, chained us, locked us,
deserted us, desecrated us, drugged us,
disgraced us, insulin ated us, shocked us,
ignored us, propagandised us, lied, put
your knives under our eyes detached our
lobes, stole our memories you are still at
it now. Chemical, not ice pick, but as
cold as ever.
You have failed us.
You have caused us to be
feared. To be afraid. Ashamed of who
we are. Through your arrogant educated
ignorance you have labelled us, made
a disease of life, while you guess and vote
your pitiless hands thrust into the air
salute delves into our souls.
Your diagnostic box our living,
breathing, lifeless, coffin soul pallbearer!
Your incorrect guess, my fault!

Does failure teach you nothing
except to fail again. Or are you
as corrupt as some say you are. Your
hands chemically stained from the
pockets you pick to sustain you
Failure of force as care obvious except
to you who thrive on the abuse you feed
from. Opinion as fact! Supported by do
gooders who never touched a tormented
soul, but know the law. Capacity judged as
those innocents before savagely damaged.
Similar law that protected the church while
a previous generation of do gooders pruned
themselves in the reflected glory of the abusers
held in high station by an older generation of educated
ignorance. Belief not knowledge, bible to
DSM, guess to access my soul how you
feel about how we feel impacts so much
on us ; on you. Not at all.

Your call protected by law your co-conspirators
as Nuremburg plead orders, the job, family to
feed, as defence. Drugged up, dumbed down,
shaking, shivering, tardive dyskinesia, akathisia
by injection without request from Hammar
nightingales trained to abuse in the name of
care. Blind indifference to consequence.
Not much longer:
we are beginning to stand, we will not take it in
ass from ye any longer. We will not compliantly
turn and bend; you will face us now when we
refuse to be used.

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