Sandy Hook Elementary School Psychiatric Drug Slaughter

Another scene of carnage covers the front page of my newspaper this morning.  It is unnecessary and distresses me beyond adequate words.

Little children slaughtered in the name of government control of the economy.

I am as capitalist as capitalist can be.  I believe in freedom and if one truly believes in freedom one believes in free markets first and foremost.  No individual freedoms can exist unless they are underpinned by free markets.

The cosy relationships that exist between corporations and grotesquely huge governments are a far cry from free markets.  The regulators who sit between governments and the corporations have been compromised to the point where they are a menace to the safety of the very people they are supposed to be protecting.

Yes, the shooter will be found to have been on psychiatric drugs – you know that, I know that, the police know that – but will this finally see the end of almost 50 years of psychiatric drug rampages?  All such senseless slaughters only begin to make sense when one connects the dots of the commonality of all these killers – psychiatric, mind altering drugs that are approved by government regulators because they are in the pockets of the very industry that they are supposed to be regulating.

First reports suggest that the slaughter appears to have another connection to the original psychiatric drug slaughter of 1966 in that it was a gun-bearing private citizen who finally stopped the slaughter.

Edit: More recent reports suggest that this last paragraph is not so.  Wait for the normal bleats about needing more gun control.  Ignoring the real problem will not give a solution.

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