Adam Lanza on Fanapt

January 25, 2013
The real cause of mass shootings
I was in India when international news of the horrific New England school shooting broke. Of course there is now a huge national/international cry for gun control and President Obama has just signed executive orders in an attempt to curb gun violence. But are the so-called experts and our rulers really looking in the right direction? As you’re going to see, they’re all acting just like conventional medicine… they’re treating the symptom, not the cause.

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I first became interested in this after an incident that occurred close to my home. A teenager was shot and killed by the police for bizarre and threatening behavior. This came as a shock to everyone who knew him. He wasn’t a child who normally exhibited this type of behavior. Well, wouldn’t you know, his really bizarre behavior started after he started on an antidepressant!What does this have to do with Newtown, Conn.? If you look at many school shootings, including Columbine, and many suicides, there’s been another common denominator besides weapons. That is, the perpetrators have been on licensed doctor-prescribed, FDA-approved mind-altering drugs, like antidepressants. It’s no secret that these drugs can lead to violence. It’s one of the known side-effects. In fact, the drug companies post warnings on SSRI antidepressant drug labels for an increased risk of suicide.

Many people will say, “Well, these people are mentally ill. Who knows if it’s the mental illness or the drug then?” So, let’s dissect the facts.

People have been depressed and have had alleged mental illness for decades, and more. But we didn’t see these types of incidents until recent years. If it was simply mental illness alone, why aren’t we seeing lots of horrible incidents from those mentally ill, but not on mind-altering drugs? Considering the modern “manufacturing” of mental illness (see below) we should be seeing lots of crazies shooting everywhere. But we don’t.

“Maybe it’s access to guns,” they suggest. Well, lethal weapons have been around for millennia, and guns for more than a century. But these types of shootings are a new phenomenon.

I believe that there is far more to these horrors than meets the eye. I do believe politicians are looking in the wrong direction. Automobiles kill tens of thousands, but we have not moved to ban them. We have looked at causes of accidents, such as alcohol and drugs, and (attempt to) deal with the underlying cause.

With these shootings, drugs are off the hook completely. In fact, we know that Pharma drugs kill or maim millions each year. But the response of our rulers is to forge programs and policies that lead to more drug use, like Obamacare. This law alone might actually increase these incidents by making the chemicals more available. Use of mind-altering drugs is exploding. Pundits create or classify normal human behaviors as mental illness requiring these chemicals. For example, they’re pushing Prozac as a remedy for depression in children in my allopathic CME activities (continuing medical education credits). And they won’t even consider non-Pharma approaches. (Remember, Prozac carries a warning about altered dangerous behavior!)

No wonder these chemicals are so widespread. Doctors pay little heed to warnings on “approved” drugs. And, yet, these drugs may be the very cause of these mass shootings.

It appears that the Connecticut killer, Adam Lanza, was also on a mind-altering drug – Fanapt. One of the many side effects listed for Fanapt is “Mood or behavioral changes, or thoughts of hurting yourself or others.” With a known side effect like this, why don’t we look at the drugs as a primary cause of these killings?

As you well know, I look for the cause of medical problems. I don’t like treating the symptoms. I believe that the tragedies our nation has endured should stimulate us to look at preventable factors. In the case of drugs, they may induce vulnerable people to descend further into mental chaos.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Robert J. Rowen, MD

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