Germanwings – Media Cover Up

A good article, but I’m not convinced that Mr Rappoport’s slightly cynical conclusion that nothing will come of it is justified here.

The airlines will be all over this internally because Germanwings is going to get sued big time by relatives of the victims.  They let a pilot on psych drugs known to cause suicides pilot a passenger plane – that’s a case closed before it has even begun.  Germanwings will be sued sufficient to put them out of business, if the terrible publicity hasn’t already achieved that.

All other airlines are already going through their personnel records to weed out similarly drug affected pilots.  That is an educated guess – nothing that I have a source for.

The mass removal, followed by the triggering of ‘unfair dismissal’ legislation is going to prod the media into action, whether they like it or not.

Could they credibly defend allowing pilots on psych drugs which warn of the potential for suicide on the label to work as pilots?

No way Jose.

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