Psychiatry Through the Lens of Institutional Corruption

From the Blog ‘Mad in America’ by Robert Whitaker comes this truly exceptional piece on the corruption of psychiatry.  I strongly recommend reading this…


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  1. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on January 1, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    How psychiatrist measure their similarities of corruption? Who decides they are unsutable to practice ?Why they don’t cure people?Why thy dont evaluating cultural variations in attachment.
    Psychiatry is not the only institution of curruption…The root of the problem is education Economic inequalities are growing .Students from working class backgrounds were dispropotionately allocated to the lower status streams while those from professional are more likely to be in mixed classes.The class to which the students allocated generally is an outcome of how the school assess a student’s primary record and performance.Little is known about the various forms of information are utilised by the second level schools to place students ;the matter has never been subject to any serious study to date.Yet the decision about where to place a yound student is arguably one of the serious decision made about his or her educational future( Lyons 2002).
    We human even though we are social ,we are lacking community spirit,we do not relate with inclusivity,realism,self awareness,vulnerability,commitment,openness freedom equality and love of genuinme community.As numerous studies of upper -class power and influence on education are now showing ,cultural capital,as credentialised through schooling.What is remarkable about inequalty in education,is almost ritualistic character.While there is probably no single subject that has been research in as much detail as class inequality in education there have been no serious attempts at policy level to radically alter the class outcomes of education.I have my ideas about
    Research is waste of money if we don’t learn from differnt theories.


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