Psychiatric Drugs Cause Violence – Really?

A study at Oxford University by Professor Senna Fazel showed that there is a clear link between antidepressants and violence.

Fazel’s advice (he’s a psychiatrist) was to keep taking them anyway.

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  1. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on December 21, 2015 at 11:53 am

    Many conditions,previously taken to be non-medical,are now grounds for consulting a doctor Behaviour previously seem as deviant are now defined as medical problems:bad behaviour by childern is now hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder,shoplifting is kleptomenia.Alcoholism is decreasingly likely to result in admision to psychiatric institutions in Ireland is more likely to be viewed as the result of personality or social problems.
    The critique of medicalisation is most closely associated Writers such as Thoams Szas,Ivan Illich and Michel Foucault.SZASZ was sharply critical of the regimes of psychiatry,in particu;lar how psychiatryic terminology and practice were used to respond to social problems sucha as crime and poverty.
    Professionalisation of health care is very much linked to that of medicalisation.Professionalisation is the process wherby an occupational group is able to claim special status for itself,through access to special knowledge training,a monopoly over certain practices and the ability to exclude competing groups.The outcome is a greater number of prestige,power and income

    Medicine has been able to create and sustain its professional status through a variety of strategies.The key process is that of closure :the ability to keep others out of the field of operationof the professional group.The most effective way to do this is through a process of registration,backed up by legislation .This requires the state to give legal backing to a range of occupational practices
    Prescription drugs
    control over content of education and training
    contorl of other in the field
    I have reached the conclusion psychiatirst is the banker.Their patients have to do everything their way with out asking any questions.Deadening the emotions feelings are cetral to our individuality.
    My advice do not listen,long term use to control madness can cuase serious damage to the brain. Crulty and fear are man made.
    Educate yourself seek information keep facing the challenges to think and learn growing into a whole person.Thank you to the writers such as Thomas Szas,Ivan Illich and Michel Foucault and many others they help me gain emotional intellectual spiritual maturity.


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