Antidepressant Causes Suicide

“We felt that bad prescribing decisions were being made on the basis of the way in which the study was reported,” said Professor Jon Jureidini, who led the international team of researchers from Adelaide University’s Critical and Ethical Mental Health Research Group.

“The study claimed to show that paroxetine, an anti-depressant, was effective and safe for young people and in fact, it’s the opposite.”

The team have established that the drug carried twice the level of severe adverse effects across the board, and four times the number of psychiatric adverse events.

“Eleven patients experienced suicidal behaviour or self-harm out of less than 100 in the paroxetine group compared to just one in the placebo group,”

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  1. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on December 23, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Opinions of psychiatrist should never be taken at face value Sensitivity is needed in the diagnosis of anxiety states,especially because of possible complications from associated physical complains.In everyones’s life there bound to be experience that are anxious or deeply disturbing ,such as the sadness of losing a loved one or the disappointment of failure.Our day to day is a reflection of the state of our nervous system,the normal fuction of which can be disturbed in many ways.Persons experiencing a true psychological disturbance feel some kind of uncotrolable dread and apprehension.

    There is a general consensus among experts that bipolar is a chronic condition requiring lifelong management with firstline and compination treatments that include pharmacotherapy and psychological interventions.It is better for psychiatrist to suffer than to do harm to their patient They know how harmful is long term medication but they dont care.Unfairness can kill.Research among thousand of civil servants in London for more than a decade unfair tratment in work place,bulling have escalated to previously unheard-of levels,this finding are alarming.HSE gangs surgeon after drug claim whose research review concluded that cholesterol -lowering medicines may do more harm than good for many otherwise healthy people has been gagged by Health Service Executive
    Sherif Sultan , a senior medic at University College Hospital ,Calway,reviewed a range of studies and found a lack of evidence to show they should be given as a means of prevention to healthy people with high cholestorol but no heart disease .He claims the HSE directed him not to liaise with the media but he did 6 of October 2013.
    Mental Health
    Why they dont educate people towards emotional and clear thinking.Is not in their interest to tumble themselves of their high pedestal,Why not? Keep fit exercise for bipolar and anxiety.Exercise also may provent a relapse after a treatment for pibolar or anxiety.It may take at least 30 minutes a day for at least five day a a week to significally improve symptoms of depression call pibolar or mania.Smaller amounts of activity have been shown to improve mood in the short term.There ‘s evidence that exercise boost level of mood enhancing neurotrasmitters in the brain.It may also boost feel good endorphins ,ease muscle tension ,help you sleep better and reduce level of the stress hormone,cortisol.It is also increases body temperature ,which may have calming effects.These changes can improve symptoms such as sadness anxiety,irritability,stress,fatigue,anger ,self doubt and hopelessnes.

    Psychological and emotional benefits of exercise includer confidence :Engaging in physical activity offers a sense of accomplishment.Meeting goals or challenges,no matter how small,can boast self confidence at times when you need it .
    Distraction :
    It’s easy to dwell on how badly you feel.But dwelling interfers with your ability to cope and also makes the pibolar more sever and longer lasting.Exercise provides a good distraction.It shifts the focus from negative thinking to something more pleasant.
    Medication can lead to more complication turn you to damage gooods.
    Healthy coping :doing something beneficial to manage pibolar is a coping stategy by taking medication and dwelling on how badly you feel or hoping pibolar will go away because the medication is going to cure aren’t coping strategies.With depression ,or pibolar you may have a hard time just doing anything fruitful with your life.So how can you possibly cosider getting exercise?
    Get support :Some,but not all, mental professional have adopted exercise as part of their treatment suggestions.Ask questions to your doctor or therapist for guidance.
    Set reasonble goals .Tailor your plan to your kneeds.Don’t think of exercise as a burden If exercise is another should that you dont’ think you’re living up to you’ll associate it with failure view.Your exercise schedule the same way you look at your therapy sessions or medication as a tool for recovery.
    You dont have to spend money on expensive gear,do something that’s cost free -walk
    Prepare for setbacks.You have good days and bad.Take credit for every small step in the right direction.If you dont exercise one day,that don’t mean your a failure go out next day.Exercise is better than medication.
    How you think and feel is direcly affected by what you eat.The fact that eating the right food has proven to boost your IQ,improve your mood and emational stability,sharpen your memory and keep your mind young,to find out more information very helpful
    What we nurture in ourselves will grow seeing ourselves as competen,in control of our lives we also compare ourselves favourably.The path to holiness lies through questioning everything .Positive thinking that is nature’s eternal law.Communicating well with others is an important part of fitness there is a natural tranquility .Developing as an automatic response the sooner we realise that the better ,life is for learning.Long term medication can kill you pramature.


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