Psychotic Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist kills 36 patients.  Click the link above to see the news clip.

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  1. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on January 16, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    I am aware we live in a sick society.It is a high price to paid for not providing support for intevention to assist in the early psychological,social and emotional development of infants.
    Say no to psychatric drugs.

    The only tragedy there is in the world is ignorance;all evil comes from that…psychiatrist and their academic grades are killing people.I am very dissoppointed the wrong people become psychiatrist in Ireland also I know one psychiatrist should be struck off the register a young lady died under his care. Children are our most precious national resource.What is the point new scientific research from conception until age two as a springboard for neuro-cognitive development,life long health and wellbeing and socioconomic success?we know from other theories about attachments Ainsworth,Watson, what works we do not kneed to re-invent the wheel.I am wondering what is psychological Society is doing to eliminate Infant mental health is everybodys business?
    Provention is always better providing support and interventions to assist in the early psychological,social and emotional development.All Eropean countires should do something about early education for prenatal strong realationships are at the foundation of healthy development.
    Our early experience matters.Maslow Erikson Carl Rogers humanity theories are very helpful. .How to build resilience ?is something we can learn is not a given trait
    Imroving learning through developing different types of intelligence(Gardner 1983) has a particular significance for parents.


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