Psych Patient Suicides

… on “eight psychotropic drugs at once in dangerously high doses.”  Psychiatrist was also found guilty of sexually abusing vulnerable patients.



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  1. I have reported a practicing deviant. 10 months on, I am homeless, soon to be jobless and this man continues to medicate patients at the will if the management on an acute care psychiatric ward.


  2. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on May 22, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Good for you I would like to report a psychiatrist for drugging young people for many years.One young lady died under his care.

    I am aware what is going and the reason he is exposed is because they have the parents evidence.Bonnie Fould told her parents about inappropriate sessions with Org Ming Tan shortly before death in 2012.I am wondering how many more people are abuse but they never report the incident?I experienced bullying but what is the point report to anybody? Where is my evidence?We live in selfish uncaring society.
    The question I have caring for people is not an academic subject?The wrong people become a psychiatrist.
    They have to ask themselves why they choose to become a psychiatrist is the love for people?or love control.

    Empathy is central I have never met a psychiatrist who uses empathy,the most important element of therapy is the presence of another caring individual.Why they don’t help people who seek help.Understanding childhood, their conflicts,what went wrong,the habits and principles that they develop.
    Why they don’t encourage to develop better ideas,values and principles.

    Antidepressants are not the key to helping a person to recover.What a person needs is self-confidence and hope for the future.When we have people in the profession tell us psychotherapy becomes more effective once a person commenced treatment with medicines…EFFECTIVE FOR WHO? profits for the pharmaceutical companies.What you need is a clear mind.

    The question I have how do you train a profession such as psychiatry to deal with people…in a way to consider that depression is fundamentally about someone who has lost their love for life and other people.
    What other people think of us affects us more than we realise .Although we’re told not to worry about it.If we love a person we deeply connected.We like or not we are affected by falling in love.If we are lacking inner confidence we are in trouble ,the views of the others become too powerful in our lives.Our self -esteem is built or broken by the messages others send us about ourselves.We all know the effects of a teacher who tells us we’re usellers and won’t amount to anything .As a result, we don’t learn ,can’t achieve,and found ourselves well on the way to amounting to nothing .

    If the parent or other family members are abusive or afraid to praise us for fear of spoiling us our sense of self-suffers,effectively the decisions we make and the course of our lives.
    If we are put down regularly by a key individual we can get stuck there.Depression and Anorexia nervosa don’t develop out of the thin air.Chronic and deep difficulties originated from dysfunctional society.
    Our personal belief and sense of security are affected We need reassurance more and more.
    It is at this point that opinions of others take on too much power, Org Ming Tan abuse his professional knowledge Ms Fould was put on eight psychotropic drugs at once in a dangeraisly high level,I am sorry to say this is going on in every European country including Ireland for many years.
    Therapy is not something is done by drugs,but an active process of exploration in which the client through exploring and explaining his innermost thoughts to the therapist psychiatrist,becomes aware of difficulties and possible solutions.

    Researchers increasingly have recognised the complex interrelation among stress psychopathology ,and personality individuals with psychopathology many actually contribute to their level of stress through poor judgement,copying ,deficits ,symptoms Monroe and Steiner,1986.We know the root of the problem,a little humanity goes a long way.
    We have to campaign for alternative ways to treat depression psychotropic drugs is not the solution.
    N Kelly


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