Nice – the Real Culprits

As the whole world now knows, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel rented a large truck and used it to murder and maim in Nice.

What most of the world does not know, is that Bouhel was not a Muslim; he drank alcohol and did not attend mosques or observe Ramadan.  He made the mistake of many others who have ended up going on violent rampages.  He sought ‘counseling’ and ended up on antidepressants.

The real culprits will, as usual, escape scot-free.

However, on the subject of Muslims…

The more that I read about the type of atrocities being committed by ISIS, the more convinced I become that the leaders of this bunch are distributing antidepressants to their followers.

Such barbarous and degenerate acts could only be performed by people whose minds have been twisted by psychotropic drugs.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on July 25, 2016 at 9:45 am

    Facts difficult to believe ,but fatal to ignore
    Facts about psychiatry you need to know .The lack of public awareness Psychiatrist have invented the term mental illness the diagnosis and treatment of which is their bread and butter.As you have seen throughout the media ,controversy is raging over psychiatry.The labels so casually affixed children and adults as mental disorder are factually more of the mental disorder of the labelers himself the psychiatrist.
    Normal behaviour is increasingly defined as mental disorder coffee drinker have caffeine disorder.A person changing his faith is branded with religion or spiritual disorder.These psychiatric disorder are among the 374 listed in Diagnostic and statistic Manual of mental disorders the DSM the billing bible of the psychiatric pharmaceutical industry .
    Who is profiting from the labelling ?Psychiatrist and the pharmaceutical companies with 330 billion annual revenues,much of it flowing in from psychiatry’s main treatments psychotropic drugs
    every day ,millions of lives adults children ,and the elderly -are being destroyed by psychiatry and its abusive treatments.

    Drugs can’t retrain us ,teach us how to manage our thoughts or solve social problems.

    When psychotropic drugs are present they reduce the person’s capacity to feel certain emotions.They do not cure anything.In general they produce apathy,tiredness lack of emotionality.Long term use to control behaviour can cause serious damage to the brains of those who take them .We don’t have health care system Dr Corey his humanist approach.
    He was critical of senior psychiatrist professor an enthusiastic advocate of SSRI and has declared his close relations with several drug companies :The senior professor has received cash payments from and is a member of the speakers board and advisory board..His Neuroscience group is maker of Seroxat,and welcome trust (and funds biomedical research Serotax to blame for baby’s heart defects and a US jury in Philadelphia decided that the British made antidepressant Seroxat Was responsible for the year old heart defects.
    Reflecting personal experience ,my daughter in law was pregnant and the doctor suggested to her to take antidepressants not very professional behaviour but I call it white collar crime.Becuase she is intelligent,and responsible she refuge to take.Dr Corey exposed the ignorance of 8 professors on Monday 19 October.The Irish Times published a letter from eight psychiatrist ,professors of psychiatry who lead the teaching departments in the subject.The eight professors denied that antidepressants use is connected to homicidal acts,though they were careful ,to use the world cuase rather than link when all eight accused Dr Corey of stating definitely cause homicide.
    Ignorance among the eight professors who control the teaching in this country ,is not just deplorable ,it is inexcusable and it is appalling it is dangerous .
    If scientific criminology could successful identify and prevent criminal behaviour ,that would be a step towards solving the problem of a young person under the influence of psychotropic drugs.stop searching for scapegoat to blame .


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