Another Terrorist Who Went to a Psychiatrist

In no way does it excuse the horrific nature of this act of barbarity, but what else could be expected from dispensing psychiatric drugs to an already violently inclined youth?

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  1. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on August 4, 2016 at 10:17 am

    The main preoccupation of society is to keep society sick:

    We all carry within us the seeds of our mental health problems.There is no point looking at those who suffer severe forms of mental distress and seeing them as different.They are not .It is only they have been subjected to an environment that allowed their seed to flourish.harsh critical unaffectionate parents,doting demanding parents,complicated family relationship,poor nutrition,poverty,unemployment ,too little success ,too much success,unhelpful coping strategies all these things can destroy our mental health .Making a hard and fast distinction ,between the mentally well and the mentally ill is artificial it has traditionally made the mentally well feel more comfortable as well as providing some care for the mentally ill.
    Adolescence is the transition to adulthood ,Psychiatrist have a lot of explaining to do!
    Psychiatrist actions speak the truth about themselves who they really are;If they really care they never put a young person on psychotropic drugs.Is the only medical specialist who rarely directly examine the organ thy treat.
    They do not engage directly in the functioning of the brain relating to the human experience and behaviour that ends up being treated by psychiatry.

    This passage is from the investigative Patricia
    Kelly O’Meara book psyche out:How psychiatrist sells illness and pushes pills that kill is accurate
    It is certainly true that the level of knowledge about causation and treatment of mental disorder is less advanced that for other branches of medicine.

    They are in the business of making diagnoses using DSM which is the official diagnostic manual for the psychiatric disorder of the America Medical Association. According to Daniel Carla then once the match symptoms they do the same with matching medication to these symptoms. So modern psychiatry is really a conversation a series of symptoms ,and then a matching process of medication to these symptoms.It can be rather embarrassing for mainstream psychiatrist to acknowledge how little they really knew about the brain and brain function.
    Psychiatrist have invented the term mental illness the diagnosis and treatment of which is their bread and butter,Children’s mental disorder requiring drugs are a growth industry in the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual rocketing from 3 in 1952 to the latest edition 374 stigmatizing mental disorder and more on the way.

    Psychiatric drugs are prescribed to more than 20 million children worldwide,9 million in the United States.When prescribed to children ,psychiatric drugs can potentially cause violent behaviour ,psychosis ,hallucinations,strokes ,cardiac ,irregularities and heart attacks,obesity,liver damage,stunted growth,seizures,convulsions,irreversible central nervous system damage ,life-threatening diabetes and even suicide
    Somebody has to take responsibility why they psychiatrist continued prescribe psychotropic drugs?At least 12 of the school shooting were committed by teens taking or withdrawing from prescribed psychiatric drug .The psychiatrist must promote public understanding and stop using young people as scapegoat .What psychiatrist frequently neglect is issues of emotional education,such as how to cope with failure or how to deal with feelings of anger or sadness Prozac never cures anything.I am not surprised from the recent killings every time the first thing I say i wonder what medication they were on.


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