Psychiatry: Laughed out of Existence

If you read between the lines in this article, the complaint is that medical students are making fun of psychiatry to the degree that students are no longer studying to become psychiatrists.

There was a wonderful documentary back in the early 2000s that posited that the USSR fell because everyone began to make fun of it.  The powers that be can cope with just about anything except being laughed at.

Whatever works to stop the drug pushing, mind destroying cult of psychiatry should be done.

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  1. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on October 24, 2016 at 5:06 am

    Who are you?What makes you study the subject you do ?what is I ?You mean you study medicine and you prescribe drugs without interest in healing ?Human being are like puppies they can be trained to face realities of life psychiatrist who only prescribed drugs are charlatans it is a shameful profession.What you need is a clear mind, not drugs . Nobody can find their authentic self with drugs. Your mind and brain must take over the operation of your body.If you study computer science or medicine and you don’t know who you are ? growing up is not an illness.A psychiatrist who tells people they have chemical imbalance is a shameful behaviour We do have some honourable people who inform us with accurate information.Thank you to Terry Lynch and David both Irish psychiatrist and few others.
    Psychiatric drugs cause serious adverse reactions.including hallucination ,psychosis hostility ,life treating diabetes ,heart irregularities ,stroke and death. Thomas Szasz was a Hungarian genius and now we have Petter Breggin.


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